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Life Support by Elton Skelter

D&T Publishing

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He's got no pulse, but Deadman has everything else he could ever want; a loving partner, a group of friends, an easy life.

But when this group of curious medical marvels start falling prey to an unknown danger, Deadman starts to consider that not everything is as it seems. One by one, the Cabinet of Curiosities is falling. 

In the dark, something lurks; something creepy and insidious. Maybe not all problems can be fixed with a hit of Adderall and a dollar margarita? Maybe it's time to find out the truth? 

Part slasher, part psychological thriller, part bizarro mind fuck. Pop a pill and join Deadman as he takes a look down the rabbit hole. You'll never use a blender, a pencil, or garden shears the same way again.

Take a seat on the couch and tell me, "how does that make you feel?" Baby, this is 'Life Support'.


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Nat W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Join The Support

Holy hell, what a great novel. The highs, the lows, the emotional investment the readers have in this group of people. Elton explores different medical conditions and mental health diagnoses in this book. He brings little to conditions even I didn't know existed, It made me want to research. I love it when an author makes you really consider the aspects of a story. On top of the in-depth backstory for Derek 'Deadman', who suffers from Cotard’s Syndrome. Bringing a whole no insight into this condition and his relationship with Trash. Showing a very loving and supportive LGBTIQA+ relationship. But he also creates characters easy to hate, Mary Barbara. Let me just say the scene involving garden shears, changes how you will look at them for the rest of your life. As well as the psychological aspects, there is the Slasher Thriller storyline weaved expertly through. The way that Elton takes you from humor, to sobbing to oh good god the gore! Mixed with the diary entries make this feel a more personal and realistic style story. Plus the one entry is enough to warm your soul, even with the gory horrific shit going on. I have to say it ends up becoming murder who did it murder mystery at one point? Then it gets super weird and hits the supernatural elements. There is so much going on with this story and has a vast makeup, that makes this story so complex. The story contains trigger warnings galore and it hits some very intense subjects but Elton does it carefully and with compassion for the character's feelings.

Christina P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

One of the best of the year!

Have you ever had a book that changed your life, but you don’t want to revisit it because it hurts too much? The characters become best friends, the love between characters make you remember what it’s like to feel, and for a minute faith is restored? But when the last sentence of the story leaves you sobbing uncontrollably for so many reasons explaining yourself would be a feat that is unattainable? Well, read this fucking book then. Derek Steadman goes to a form of AA. It’s for people with uncommon afflictions; alien hand syndrome, cyclic vomiting syndrome, persistent sexual arousal syndrome, and so on. When members start disappearing or worse, Derek and his merry band of misfits must find out what is going on. But who is to be trusted? Who will figure it out and will it be too late? I have not been able to shake this book and it’s hold over me for over a month. Skeltor is not only someone to watch but someone to put stock in. Characters alone, Elton surpasses many well-known authors celebrated right now. Add in the plot, pacing, world building and you have almost literal perfection. Why not complete perfection? Read it and you will find out. He ripped my soul out, stomped on it, put it in the blender, hit purée, and made me watch. And I BEGGED FOR MORE! It’s number four for the 2023 for me. A HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND 10/5.