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GODLESSThree Years of Terror I Underground & Indie Horror I Digital eBooks ONLY!


Welcome to 2022! Open invitation to join the Godless League.

This year, not only is the Godless League going to become a unified team, but we are also accepting submissions for a new "hero" to join the team.

Here's how you can get involved.

1. Take 5 minutes to come up with a character name and origin. The more violent and ridiculous, the better. That said, be creative. Don't just come up with some bullshit because you're not familiar with the series. You will be told to go fuck yourself.
2. Send us your hero's name.
3. In one sentence, tell us your hero's origin story. 
4. In another sentence, describe your hero's powers.
5. In a third sentence, tell us what your hero is up against. For instance. Stabberger can shoot knives out of his body. He hunts and stabs Nazis. Simple. Right? 
6. Finally, tell us how your hero fits into the current Godless League line-up of Stabberger, Lushbutcher, and The Doze. Why are they different and how can they justify an ongoing series.

Fill out the contact form below. Note, just coming up with the character is only half of the battle. If you submit, you need to commit to writing a new story every quarter. Period.

Remember. This is like a contest and there will only be one winner. The top three submissions will be handpicked by Godless League team of John Baltisberger, Lucy Leitner, and Drew Stepek. Then, the Godless fam will vote on the winner!

We suggest you read all the issues currently available (see below). This is what we want. Sure, these stories are over-the-top but we think that all three reflect the three of us as authors.


Keep in mind. Every 12 episode season of Godless League will be published as a print/digital anthology by Madness Heart Press. Like I said... bring your best! 


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