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GODLESSWEBBY HONOREE 2 YEARS IN A ROW I Underground & Indie Horror I Digital eBooks ONLY!
Joanna Kissmount

Joanna Kissmount


Joanna Kissmount was born and raised in Flintshire, North Wales.

She has always been fascinated with the macabre and everything horror and in her late 30’s decided to put her interest to some sort of use and put pen to paper.

Her take on real life situations is hard-hitting and not for the faint of heart. Joanna writes about subjects that are difficult and uncomfortable to read about.

A special thank you goes to her boyfriend, Martin and also to the members of the Facebook group “Woomies” without whom, Joanna would never have begun her journey down the path of becoming an indie author. Their love and support mean more to her than she can put into words and she will forever be thankful for their encouragement.

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