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How Much 2: An Extreme Horror Novel (The Game) by Matt Shaw
How Much 2: An Extreme Horror Novel (The Game) by Matt Shaw

How Much 2: An Extreme Horror Novel (The Game) by Matt Shaw

Matt Shaw

WARNING: This is an adult horror book, intended for a mature audience who is not easily shocked or offended. With that being said, there is a chapter within this book that is shocking. To ensure there is no upset caused, there is an option to skip this chapter when you get to it. The following chapter contains a short recap which gives you, the reader, all the basic information needed to take the story forward without missing any key plot points.

This is not a gimmick.

The Sequel To The Number One Bestseller "How Much To"

Having taken over the running of the "games", Nate thought he had a way of beating the system which meant the audience got the blood they were looking for, the people needing the money had a chance of winning it without hurting themselves, and the heads of the show were still getting the viewing figures they longed for. Nate was wrong.

Now Nate finds himself forced to play a new, darker version of "The Game" for the pleasure of those watching at home.

Feedback from BETA reads:

" I honestly have not a clue how you can come up with anything worse than what’s in this book ��
It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever read. And the ending was brilliant!" - Cat

"Holy **** dude! That whole ending scenario starting with *** ***, you ****. That was pure evil. You've taken the top spot from A Serbian Film. That was a **** hair away from being too ******* far. Bravo!" - Bryan

" I think the warning should stay, and is needed. Extreme horror is what you do, so extreme horror is what the reader gets.
I can imagine there may be some strong feelings from people who maybe haven't read your works before though! Am enjoying it up to this point. I need to brace myself mentally in order to continue though." - Melissa

"Holy hell. I knew to expect twisted, dark and taboo before opening the book, obviously. But with every book I read by you, I don’t know if I’m more impressed or shocked with how much more twisted it gets?!" - Kade






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