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Godless League #1 (The Crimes and Passions of John Stabberger - "Hindenburg II") by John Baltisberger

Godless League #1 (The Crimes and Passions of John Stabberger - "Hindenburg II") by John Baltisberger

John Baltisberger


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The Crimes and Passions of John Stabberger
"Hindenburg II"

Coming July 1

Something is bringing the Third Reich to Texas, the only thing standing in their way is one Jew, and his arm blades. A fucked up marriage of Punisher and Wolverine by way of Mortal Kombat.

In Issue One: Stabberger goes head to head with a Nazi plot to attack the White House led by Hitler fanboy, Charles Lindbergh.


Are you sick of pussy superheroes who have too much backstory and not enough killer instinct? Do you wish comic books would just jump from one brutal kill scene to another more brutal kill scene? Do you think like a nine-year-old who just watched I Spit on Your Grave for the first time? 

The Godless League is for you! 

Short on story. Long on hyper-violent, mostly misguided, vigilante justice is what Stabberger, Lushbutcher, and Slaughterdozer are all about!

Leave the genuine world-building and plausible origin stories to the mainstream… all we care about is bloodlust and carnage! Fuck them, anyway. They’ve taken enough of your money and given you nothing but disappointment. When was the last time a Marvel hero cut off a Nazi’s cock? Steve Rogers doesn’t got the guts. What kind of hero is that?

Godless League is a new monthly, psychotic, bizarro, short series from the juvenilely sadistic minds of John Baltistberger, Lucy Leitner, and Drew Stepek. 

Launching on July 1st!

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