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Gash by Ash Ericmore
Gash by Ash Ericmore
Gash by Ash Ericmore


Gash by Ash Ericmore

Ash Ericmore

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I know what I wanted, and I got what I asked for. Every pleasure sated. Every want filled.

Sex. Pleasure. Domination.

How far is too far?

Gash is a short that contains scenes of graphic sex … and violence.

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I recommend this product

Oh my

The protagonist of this tale wants to push his boundaries, and he reveals this desire to his wife. What happens next is not for the easily grossed out. This tale is erotic and gore-filled, extra, extra spicy. BDSM, revenge, sex, and violence. Don't let the fact that this is a short story fool you; it's filled to the brim with nastiness. Ericmore once again shows why he is one of the best in the business. Check it out! 5 severed fingers out of 5

Danielle Y.
Canada Canada
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This was my first by this author; I need more. Up next: Red Room.

I recommend this product

To the edge… and back again… and edge…

Ericmore dives into new depths with this erotic horror short! This was the very definition of “eff around and find out”! The back and forth between our protagonist’s past and present make the pacing match the long, edging tease he experiences at the hands (and various implements) of his very welcome tormentors. When, if ever, will he get that sweet release he’s after? Will it be everything he’s craving? YOU won’t be disappointed! That’s for certain! The payoff is true to Ash’s style of horror, so expect the unexpected and get ready for things to get messy! And remember folks, if you’re gonna pay for a “discrete” service, better stick to cash.

Nat w.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Ask Permission

As to be expected Ash goes above and beyond, even with his short stories. This tale is of a man seeking to push his boundaries. But of course, gets more than he bargains for when the wife gets involved. Maybe he should have told her his desire to be submissive, rather than seek assistance from Sylvia. Leading to a series of events that make him realize how truly dangerous and diabolic his wife and friends are. An enticing read with a gore-filled and bloody twist, making it hard for the reader to put down. A fresh take on the dom and sub dynamic with disastrous results.

Joe M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Gash is the tame part...

I got into Ash Ericmore’s Gash the other night and, well, whoa. Waitaminit. I’m, like, not talking balls-deep or anything, but… And that’s the thing—either you’re comfortable with that, or you’re not. I worked in the porn biz for years, and you meet a lot of doms. Subs. Fetishists. Hardcore, on-the-edge outliers. People so deep in their kink they write to you, asking for material that’s flat-out illegal. (Despite losing my sight in 2002 and needing every job I could scrounge, the 2 pieces of fiction I declined to write? Crushing stories. Women/men, barefoot, crushing living things to get off. Roaches? Ehh, I might’ve written that. But hamsters? Rats? Guinea pigs? Nope. In Gash, Ash brings you into a world of sex that’s as far from the everyday as Franklin’s odds of getting away from Leatherface in his wheelchair in Texas Chainsaw. If you can handle servings of outrageous fetish more so than splatter, then you’re all good. If you’re looking for tons of gory kills, then I’m going to tell you straight up—prose is solid, tale is well-told, but if oddball sex *isn’t* your thing? Get this if/when available in an antho (which I’d look up, if navigating the web blind and trying to find ToCs wasn’t going to delay this review. If someone knows, pls comment or point folks thataway!). If people pushing their personal perversions (and that’s always relative) is something you dig? Consider this one to put up alongside your books by The Professor, Rayne Havok, McHardy/Hawker and the like. (That’s a huge compliment, BTW). People writing about something you’ve been involved in, in one way or another, for half your life, who can make you uncomfortable and keep you engaged? That’s *impressive*. I went in cold on this one. Didn’t look at a blurb or review, just started reading the first of a handful of Godless goodies I picked up at random. So far? So good.