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FIT TO BE THAI'D: A DOTTIE & HAROLD Standalone  by Regina Watts
FIT TO BE THAI'D: A DOTTIE & HAROLD Standalone  by Regina Watts

FIT TO BE THAI'D: A DOTTIE & HAROLD Standalone by Regina Watts

Regina Watts


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NOTE: This is a novelette. 13,500 words.

Get this never-before-published Regina Watts standalone ONLY on! Dottie loves Harold. Harold loves Dottie. Dottie and Harold both love Dolcett. Enjoy the adventures that unfold when a cannibal billionaire marries the eternally reviving girl of his dreams!

When demi-immortal Dottie presents extreme sadomasochist Harold with a coconut shredder on their first wedding anniversary, Harold is thrilled--and inspired. After drilling through his own hand while opening a coconut, there's clearly no alternative left to them other than driving to their renovated slaughterhouse in the country for some emergency amateur surgery...following, of course, a bit of fun mutilation using the teeth of that vicious coconut shredder.

Yes, it's all fun and games with the Fleetwoods...until an interloper arrives. Separated from Harold, Dottie must endure all number of brutal torture to keep her assailant distracted from having a taste of her immortalizing flesh. Especially because that intruder is Harold's ex-friend and former business partner, whose nuclear powers and rage problems are already an explosive combination.

Poor Dottie's going to have to go through quite a lot in the name of keeping him too busy to get what he came there for.

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Simon M.
Read in loose fitting pants.

I shouldn't read these books because ever time I do, I'm more than a little disappointed I don't have my very own Dottie.