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Extinction Peak by Lucas Mangum
Extinction Peak by Lucas Mangum


Extinction Peak by Lucas Mangum

Madness Heart Press


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When the raptors come out of sinkholes across the United States, Deandra Antigone Merriweather’s elder brother Johnny sees the chaos as opportunity. Overrun by prehistoric beasts of increasing size and savagery, the world has completely gone to hell, but he doesn’t suspect it will stay that way, and he wants to be a rich man by the time things get back to normal.

Though less optimistic about the future, Deandra thinks it might be a good idea to have some money stashed away just in case, if only so she can one day get away from the abusive Johnny for good. Together, they embark on a perilous journey across the wasteland to rob the mountain home of a corrupt California senator. But the home isn’t empty.

The senator has stayed behind to live like a king in this post-apocalypse world. With specially trained raptors, his sadistic wife, and sexually stunted son, all manner of misery awaits Deandra within the house’s walls.

All the while, the outside world crumbles under the trampling feet of monsters long thought extinct.
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Lisa L.
Masterful Apocalypse Horror

Lucas Mangum has exceeded his own mastery of horror with Extinction Peak, which is the tale of a cosmic dinosaur apocalypse and the basest side humanity. On par with classic Stephen King (yes, I said what I said), Lucas has written a story within a story, horrors within horror, the ultimate horror that is human action and reaction in times of terror set in an exquisite dinosaur ridden catastrophe. As is his usual, Lucas has created and written vivid, complex characters who are as individual as you and I, yet they are also relatable as people (for good or ill). In all honesty, I related to some of the characters in ways I’d rather not give voice to. The characters are as engrossing as the story itself. And the story is very engrossing. Extinction Peak is full of action, suspense, dinosaurs, and psychological horror. It is a brutal, captivating, shelf-worthy read that will make you exclaim out loud and cuss the writer for slapping you with the unexpected. Highly recommended!