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Dolls’ House Diabolic by Peter Caffrey
Dolls’ House Diabolic by Peter Caffrey

Dolls’ House Diabolic by Peter Caffrey

Peter Caffrey

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Dave loved Susan. He really loved Susan. Nothing made him happier than when she agreed to marry him. As he set off to Bangkok on his stag party, he promised her one thing: he’d avoid the go-go bars. However, when the other stags insisted on visiting a pussy show, Dave ended up being dragged to the Dolls’ House.

Dolls’ House Diabolic is the story of one man’s battle with his biggest demons: his own guilt and shame. Will Dave and Susan live happily ever after, or will one random act of fate forever condemn their future?

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Kate M.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Loved it!

“We’ve traipsed around Wat Po, Wat Arun and Wat the fuck.” A bachelor party in Thailand gets rowdier than planned. The groom returns home with painful guts and weighed down with guilt. His horror story has only just begun! This was a gross and strange story that had me wanting to gag, laugh, and stare into the void at times. Despite the subject material, Peter definitely writes an intriguing story. Glad that I got to see the tame version of Bangkok when I went there many years ago.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Slimy Fun to be Had

Dave is your stereotypical man in love, devoted to his Susan and looking forward to married life. But that gets put to the test when his mates and him take their stag do to Bangkok. As you would expect they decide to take in the sights, sounds and oh, yeah a pussy show. Because who doesn't want to see a woman push ping pong balls out of her cooch? Peter as always keeps your attention, one because it's hard not to feel for Dave. Two he leaves you wondering what the hell happened at the Dollhouse?! Which is not only clever but also leaves it to the reader's imagination to think up all the possible outcomes. So when shit does hit the fan, or rather the toilet bowl. You are sitting there both confused and shocked mostly by Susan's reaction to the whole thing. I won't give away too much but I love that this short, gross and unnerving tale had me on edge the entire time. Well, that and I can very much relate to his symptoms being someone with IBS. It was a hell of a story, I love the creative approach he took with this story. It also makes you wonder how human emotions such as guilt and shame play havoc with the human psyche. But more so I still wanna know what the hell was in the Dollhouse?! That cliffhanger will haunt me for the rest of my days.

Gerhard G.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

It's Peter Caffrey. The name sells the story.

Who else could take a story from such a common, but painful, anecdotal beginning, and turn it into such a whale of a tale? No one, that's who! I'm glad you pushed through, buddy! The world needs you.

Simon M.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

A sphincter stretching nugget of goodness

A trip to a Thai brothel culminates in Dave shitting out an ostrich egg sized demonic turd his wife falls in love with. Highly original and of course utterly bizarre, ‘Dolls House Diabolic’ is another bizarro/spatter masterpiece from one of the most original voices in the genre.

Kevin S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

I Left My Heart In San Francisco (And Almost Lost My Left Testicle in Nana Plaza)

It occurs to me that there isn't nearly enough horror centring around the subject of the toilet bowl (only a handful spring to mind, such as the gawd-awful Dreamcatcher by Stephen King, or the classic "Eumenides in the Fourth Floor Lavatory" by Orson Scott Card.) And now here's another! A fine romp whose author's note made me nod my head in admiration; Mr Caffrey has the true writer's soul, using even the worst of experiences as grist for the literary mill. Bravo!