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#DeadSealChallenge by Nikki Noir & S.C. Mendes
#DeadSealChallenge by Nikki Noir & S.C. Mendes

#DeadSealChallenge by Nikki Noir & S.C. Mendes

Blood Bound Books


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“Here we go. On three.” Looking at the infected penis on the cutting board, Gary fought back a grimace. He held the cock steady with his gloved left hand. His right hand held a cleaver. “One…two—”
Marley was dead, to begin with. But Gary and Lee didn’t kill him. 

They did, however, rummage through his trailer, intending to rob him. There was nothing of value though, until they found the carcass.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, Lee concocts a get-rich quick scene with their friend Johnny Ciao—the
 mukbang king. Things quickly spiral out of control, and if the boys don’t reign it in, their actions could lead to a global catastrophe.
If you like dark humor and extreme horror, take the #deadsealchallenge today! 
A collaboration of fiction from Nikki Noir and S.C. Mendes