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Dark Assembly by Aron Beauregard
Dark Assembly by Aron Beauregard

Dark Assembly by Aron Beauregard

Aron Beauregard


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TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR DYSFUNCTION: This assembly of putrid tales will drag you into the darkest regions of humanity. It will push extremes and test the mental and moral boundaries of those who choose to participate. Meet a woman who carries a dead baby inside her womb and also the belief that her stillborn fetus will somehow find life again. Connect with a nomadic punk-rocker who's out to make a quick buck when he's presented with a sickening conundrum. Join two teenage psychopaths as they bring hell to the suburbs on Devil's Night. Follow a child of the streets who finally steered away from a life of crime only to be drawn back by a bizarre new drug. Take part in a gruesome and nefarious ritual that can restore one's innocence, or worm your way into the dark web beside a sadistic pedophile with a bottomless desire to kill and destroy. How should you feel after digesting these admittedly obscene and repulsive stories? Ask yourself if enjoying them makes you a horrible person or if hating them somehow justifies your journey into this storm of violence and perversion. For the sick and willing, please join in our Dark Assembly…


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Todd L.
Dark Tales

A dark variety of gory detailed short stories, each one more gruesome then the last. All well developed and written. Great artwork included with each morsel of madness.

Lisa L.
Deep. Disturbing. Depraved.

Dark Assembly is a Short Story Collection from Aron Beauregard containing 6 extreme horror stories and very disturbing illustrations. This is a rich collection of unnerving, evocative horrors. Once you get past the seriously startling (and brilliant) cover art, brace yourself for the stomach-churning, mind-fornicating tales within. “The Baptism” is a dark situational and psychological horror with some unprecedented subject matter. Told in first person, this story has horrifying depth and an unexpected ending. “Population Control” is Splatterpunk at its finest—brash, graphic, contextually twisted. It’s a fun and stomach turning read. “Rotten Eggs” is an Extreme Horror mind-bender of graphic atrocities committed in the name of a psychopathic desire for power. Beauregard pulls no punches in this fast-paced and gory tale of cause and effect. “Some Girl” is a gritty first-person tale of human depravity, good intentions, and unexpected horrors. There is a disturbing depth to this story. “The Procurement of Purity” flows with relevant psychological horror as it builds to the referenced ritual, giving the how and why and leaving no doubt in your mind that humans create evil. “Last Days in Honduras” is expertly crafted, wholly psychologically disturbing, and not what I expected. I love this collection. I enjoy how deep and disturbing and depraved it is. I recommend it highly to extreme horror fans.

Dakota D.
A Collection Worth Owning!

Dark Assembly shows off Beauregard’s range in horror well and proves that he can do well in just about every sub genre within horror. Each story has a different theme and none of them blend into each other. Dark Assembly tells tales ranging from dealing with the loss of a child, black magic rituals to restore one’s innocence, a pedophile who buys his way into a snuff film, and other terrifying subjects. This collection doesn’t pull any punches, and each story hits harder than the last. The stories start with feel bad twists and snowball into depravity until the final story, Last Days in Honduras, pelts you with a barrage of pain administered via child abuse in its most extreme meanings. Before reading this, my experience with Aron Beauregard’s work has been exclusively his novels, and I’m glad I unfucked that and gave his short stories a chance. If you’re a fan of dark material, find yourself searching “most disturbing/extreme book”, or have a fascination with the dark side of the human psyche, Dark Assembly is meant for you.