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Crows by Mark Towse
Crows by Mark Towse

Crows by Mark Towse

D&T Publishing


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Tapping at his window, perching atop his daughter's grave, why will the crow not let Patrick mourn in peace? According to superstition, a single crow is an omen of bad things to come, so why does Patrick feel compelled to leave his already broken life behind and follow his stubborn uninvited guest into the deep woods.

And what delights await?
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Donna L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

An emotional creepy read

I went into this book blind, I had no idea what it was about. I truly enjoyed every single word. There are so many emotions in this book. The beginning drowns you in sorrow. The middle is a creepy journey through the forest and revenge. Surprisingly enough the end leaves you with hope.

Karla K.
United States United States
I recommend this product

The Crows are Waiting

"Church taught Patrick many things about death and how it should be approached with peace and trust. The times he visited the graveside of his parents, such a philosophy was easier to accept, but the drive to Faregate cemetery is a different journey now his daughter is buried there. It is one that evokes pain, anger, and futility at a young life unnecessarily lost." Crows: Highly cunning and inquisitive. A motif in human culture, often associated with death, thieves, graveyards, bad luck, and other negative connotations. A story of a fathers grief and revenge. He follows the Crows deep into the woods, discovering more than he could have imagined. A village of darkness awaits within and leads Patrick on a journey to discovering the truth of his daughters death. What ensues is revenge, death and loss, and a new found union of friendship and love. A path to find peace, but in the end there is an emptiness that still resides deep within his heart. Anyone who has read anything by Mark, should already know he is great at weaving stories of darkness. This story will wrap around the heart and settle there because the grief is so real. Now that is the kind of fiction I love, the kind that folds me into the darkness, but evokes all the feelings pulled from the heart and soul. The horror within awaits you!

Dakota D.
United States United States


With a title like Crows, my brain conjured up images of Hitchcock’s The Birds or creature features like Guy N Smith’s Killer Crab series. Instead, Crows delivers the sort of slow burn, close-knit village related horror that can be compared to Midsommar or The Village. The tone of the book is set immediately in the opening scenes, where a priest has abandoned his wife in order to grieve by himself in a remote cabin after his daughter’s suicide. From here, we are introduced to a group of friends, Vanessa, Scott, Rich, and Sophie, who receive invitations to a mysterious Halloween party. The group makes their way to the party, where things are not what they had seemed to be. Crows is written very similarly to how many horror/thriller movies are, making this an easy book to envision and immerse yourself in. I really enjoyed the story and how it is written, with characters that fit into their roles perfectly. This was my first longer piece from Mark Towse, as I am more familiar with the short stories he has written for various anthologies. However, I enjoyed Crows so much that this will not be the last time I choose to pick up one of his books! Crows is perfect for a weekend at the cabin or a day at the beach. It’s length makes it ideal for reading in one sitting, which I recommend so you can fully appreciate the story Towse has created. I give Crows 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5.