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Stuck On You Audiobook by Jasper Bark
Stuck On You Audiobook by Jasper Bark

Stuck On You Audiobook by Jasper Bark

Crystal Lake Publishing

Cheating husband Ricardo could never keep it in his pants, and now it’s stuck in the worst possible place.

His Mexican road trip becomes a nightmare straight out of urban legend when he agrees to take the wrong woman back over the border. A bolt of lightning sees him fused to his fellow cheater on a detour into the backwoods. Now he’s fighting wild beasts and raw nature just to stay alive in this dark comedy romance that blends erotic horror with black humour and extreme splatter.

And now... A warning!

Do not buy this book, gentle reader.

No really, we mean it. Move along, click away from this page and go look at some Dino porn instead. We’re not kidding. The only reason we published it is because award winning author Jasper Bark has got some serious dirt on us. Honestly, there’s no other reason to put out something this depraved.

This is the sickest, filthiest and most horny novella you’re likely to read this year. It will turn you on even as it turns your stomach. Think you’ve seen everything there is to see in horror and erotica? Think again! Just when you think this story can’t get any lower it finds new depths to plumb. 

Why are you still reading this?! Oh God you’re going to buy it aren’t you? You can’t help yourself. You’re going to click on that purchase button and download this little bad boy.

Well don’t say we didn’t warn you...

But, if you do enjoy STUCK ON YOU, be sure to pick up Jasper’s STUCK ON YOU AND OTHER PRIME CUTS collection, as well. 

Stuck on You carries on the proud tradition of Jack Ketchum, Jeff Strand, and Poppy Z. Brite.

Brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing – Tales from the Darkest Depths

Stuck on You eBook categories:

  • Horror novella
  • Extreme horror
  • Black humor
  • Erotic Horror
  • Splatterpunk
  • US Horror Fiction
  • Horror Short stories
  • Dark Fantasy Horror
  • Horror Romance
  • Horror Comedy
  • UK author
  • Urban legend
  • Dark Humor






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