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Cleared Away by Regina Watts
Cleared Away by Regina Watts

Cleared Away by Regina Watts

Regina Watts


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NOTE: This is a novelette. 4500 words.

A short that disturbed MOTHER MAGGOT author Simon McHardy and deemed so graphic it had to be removed from Smashwords!

Major Basilius of the SS loves nothing more than pulling helpless virgins out of the concentration camp and into his office for some private attention. How far will this vile war criminal take his pursuit of pleasure, and how can the poor young girl subject to his attentions possibly hope to survive? Contains extreme violence and rape: reader discretion is strongly advised.
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Dakota D.
Like a Shot to the Head

Cleared Away is such a gut punch of a short. Not much is out there that is as extreme as what happens to that poor Jewish girl. Regina took everything that could make a person cringe from disgust and wrapped it all into this one! Props to the author for being able to create something so vile in such a small amount of words, it takes real talent to make this reader feel like he died just a little bit on the inside after finishing this.


Damn. Damn. This is disturbing, to say the least. If you are one of those readers who feel they can handle anything no matter how brutal and shrug it off, I say challenge yourself with this one. For me, this story wasn't so much for entertainment, but more for the deep, visceral reaction that it brought out in me. I think the author perfectly (I can only imagine) captured the horror and brutality that victimized millions for no other reason than the religion they were born into. I'm sure this story will make many people uncomfortable, but that's the point, I think.

Michael J.
Sick Short

This was my first read of this author. I can't believe how emotionally messed up this short was. I mean she basically hit almost every trigger possible in such a short amount of paper. Loved it.

Simon M.
Banned on Smashwords

The only thing that needs to be said is this is the most disturbing short I have ever read. I could not believe someone as nice Regina could birth something so horrible.