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Bliss (The Smalls Family III) by Ash Ericmore
Bliss (The Smalls Family III) by Ash Ericmore

Bliss (The Smalls Family III) by Ash Ericmore

Ash Ericmore


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Adam Smalls always has a smile on his face. Cracking a joke. That’s why they nicknamed him Bliss. He lives with his missus, Rachel. One day, they’re happily going at it, lubed up and plugged in, as it were, when two blokes from South London come bursting in.

Right geezers, they are.

And they’re going to force Adam into doing a job for them. One that he can’t joke his way out of. It’s on that job that he ends up fighting gangs of psychopaths, elderly ladies, even a ninja. Would you Adam and Eve it?  But once there are bags of drugs and a gang of babies involved, well, it all gets a bit disgusting.

Seven brothers. Seven Smalls. Graphic content. Consider this a trigger warning for just about everything.

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I recommend this product


Oh my god! This was fucking EPIC! It had shit in here I never knew I wanted! I laughed out loud more times than I can count. You guys gotta get in on this series!

Diana R.
United States United States

Crazy Ride

This one took off quickly and was intense from the start. Things stayed that way throughout the book. The dark humor, the baby belt. What a crazy ride! The flow of this story is much better compared to the first two books. My favorite Smalls book so far.

Nikolas P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Can I Be Adopted?

Bliss introduces us to the next of the Smalls siblings, Adam. When we meet Adam, he's lurking in an alley as a solitary police officer approaches, waiting for his chance to strike. The day was turning out quite differently from how Adam expected. The day began with some pegging. Look it up. Sadly, the erotic escapades were rudely interrupted, leading Adam on one hell of an adventure involving the Eastern Europeans, some locals who might have mistaken Adam for Edward, human trafficking, and a most unique fashion statement blending protection and style. Like all of the members of the Smalls clan we've been introduced to thus far, Adam has a certain moral flexibility and perversely dark humor. Unlike the previous two brothers readers had the pleasure of meeting, Adam seems perhaps less professionally adept at committing murder and a bit more fluid and driven by poor impulse control. It seems like he's found the right woman, though, as she seems to compliment him well. These damn stories are just so good, the fast-paced action and black comedy infused into the few pages is potentially addictive.

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Awesome, brutal fun!

I've just finished all three of these books in one sitting!!! At first I was a bit unsure of the short, sharp sentences in Ash's writing..but I quickly got used to them and they are what made these 3 books such a fast paced, action packed joy to read! Brutal, gory, fun filled stories!! I absolutely loved them and can't wait for more!! (The babies in book 3 were hilarious!! ) 5 out of 5 babies from me

Shadow G.
United States United States

My Favorite Brother So Far!

I think I had more laugh out loud moments in this installment than both 1 & 2 combined. Some might not appreciate that I laugh out loud during books like these, and I had one author not appreciate my 5 star review once because I pointed out the black comedy that was not intentional (but come on, when you cut off a dick and sew it to someone's forehead - if you DON'T picture a guy doing the helicopter for you then YOU have problems, not I.) So, yeah, this brother is awesome! He is open to new 'expiriments', is quite the skilled smart ass, and stands by his brothers. He isn't going to grow up to be a tailor, but he tried to take care of his new suit the best he could. And, that is really cute, if something THAT fucked up can be considered cute. But, I got my own drummer, and I kinda went 'awww'. I can't wait till the next one!