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Billy Silver by Daniel J. Volpe


Billy Silver by Daniel J. Volpe

Daniel Volpe


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Billy Silver, a low-life, self-downtrodden junkie, needs some cash to get his next fix. After getting kicked out of his own band, Shit Fist, losing his girlfriend, and left with no other options, he decides to sell his flesh to the ink of a needle at a newly opening tattoo shop.The mysterious artist, Talia, tattoos a cryptic design he’s never seen.Shortly after getting inked, compulsions burn underneath his skin. His need to satisfy a newly arisen addiction to self-mutilation begins a descent into darker places than his miserable life never dared go.Eventually, violence against himself is no longer enough to satisfy his cravings. The urge to commit the grotesque brings his brutal tendencies to others… To strangers, to acquaintances, to his prostitute ex-girlfriend…When Billy finds out his band replaced him, with a new vocalist singing his lyrics on stage, Billy’s desires reach their peak, and Talia, behind the fire of his rage, bears witness to all.

"This story offers the best use of the “tattoo” device I’ve ever encountered. The book starts out like a Burroughs-esque, scum-of-the-earth character drama, then guillotines into a splatterfest of bat-shit-crazy gross-out that threatens to empty your breadbasket in your lap, all told in a tight Palahniukish prose that eerily forces the reader’s perspectives point-blank on the id-giggling mayhem. This is a unique story that should ruffle the corridors of the New Extremism in American fiction."

—Edward Lee, author of White Trash Gothic, Haunter of the Threshold, and The Bighead.

“In Billy Silver, author Daniel J. Volpe proves to be a promising newcomer with the spunk of Edward Lee and minimalism of Bentley Little.”

—Dustin LaValley, author of Songs from a Street Sweeper







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