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Beyond the Creek by Nico Bell
Beyond the Creek by Nico Bell

Beyond the Creek by Nico Bell

D&T Publishing


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When Alex Foster accepted the caregiver position with the eccentric Nox family, she was issued a single rule. Don’t wander past the creek. Alex isn’t interested in exploring the Nox’s vast wooded property. After escaping an abusive past, her sole focus is building a safe future for herself and her unborn baby. Except, a series of chilling events threatens her happily-ever-after. Now, she must fight to survive an ancient evil before all hope is lost. There’s something beyond the creek, and it’s hungry.

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Donna L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

I always did hate spiders

This book was fascinating. Alex has fled an abusive relationship. Pregnant and needing a job she becomes a caretaker for a wealthy family. Strange things begin to happen, questions that need answering. The story is engaging and unique. It moves quickly, but not too quick that you're left wondering what is going on. The characters are relatable and feel like real people. My favorite part was the end. I'm fur sure going to be checking out more with from this author.

Nikolas P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Expertly Weaves Contemporary Horror With Myth

Beyond the Creek tells us the story of Alex Foster, a young woman who finally discovered the strength to escape from an abusive relationship when she learned she was pregnant. Starting over with nothing in a small forested town, Alex is desperate to provide a better life for her unborn child. She takes a job as a caregiver for Peter Nox, a recent stroke victim undergoing physical and speech therapy, and it seems like she might be on track to make a go of life away from her abusive ex. Shrouded in mystery and the subject of rumors and superstitious whispers around town, the Nox family and their sprawling estate might be something more than Alex signed up for. Is it possible that she escaped from one monster in her life only to fall into the web of something far more terrifying? The answer to that question--and many others--may only be discovered beyond the creek on the property. Or are there answers to be found in the secret room beneath the Nox house? Nico Bell spins a dizzying tale of survival, family, and motherhood that keeps the reader breathless as they follow Alex on her journey into the darkness. Drawing from Greek mythology, Bell provides us with something captivating and unpredictable as she guides us along with Alex to unravel the threads that threaten to bind her to a fate worse than anything we imagined as the story began.

Dakota D.
United States United States

Fear what Dwells Beyonf The Creek!

Fast Paced, Beyond the Creek follows Alex, who recently escaped her abusive boyfriend after finding out she’s pregnant. After moving towns she starts working for the Nox family, helping the aging father while he goes through recovery after a stroke. Only one rule is given to her by her employer, never go past the creek deep inside the woods surrounding the family home. I never expected the story to go the way it went. The foreshadowing went completely unnoticed until the big reveal, and it completely caught me off guard! I absolutely love not being able to figure out where a book is going, and this book gave me that chapter after chapter. I began reading this slowly, but after about the halfway point i no longer could control myself and had to figure out what happens! The book is overall fantastic, I couldn’t have asked for more from this story. I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone talk about this author before, her work is enchanting, and she has a way of pulling you into the world she creates.

Dawn K.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

What ever you do never go into the woods and past the Creek ever!!!

I absolutely blasted through this book one more chapter I'd say then the next and next whoosh, bish bash bosh done!! The story is about Alex who has escaped an abusive relationship and is determined not to be a victim anymore and start afresh. She goes for a job that's at the Nox's family home, amazingly she gets the job a new start and new home she's pregnant and she'd do anything to protect her unborn child. All's going well until creepy and sinister goings on start to happen, omg what has she got herself into, is she imagining things. This book takes you to an unexpected shockingly horrid twist. The author concluded the story excellently, it's an awesome read and it definitely won't be my last from this author. Looking forward to more!