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Beach Bodies: A Beach Vacation Anthology
Beach Bodies: A Beach Vacation Anthology
Beach Bodies: A Beach Vacation Anthology


Beach Bodies: A Beach Vacation Anthology

DarkLit Press


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DarkLit Press is back with another anthology of beach horror by authors from around the world.

A family’s vacation is cut short when the dead begin to rise. A strange hotel will do anything to keep its guests from leaving. A series of murders leads a local reporter on the hunt for a werewolf. A distraught man discovers he’s on a vacation from hell. Friends on vacation come face to face with an ancient curse.

Beach vacations are meant for relaxing and unwinding away from the drudgery of normal life. The sparkling sun, shimmering on cresting waves. A light breeze as you sit with toes in the sand, a cold drink in one hand. Utopia on an island. But what happens when that paradise suddenly becomes a purgatory of pain?

What will you do when the beaches fill with bodies and the waters run red with blood? When creatures crawl the coastline and the jungle teems with terror. How will you survive when a tropical respite becomes an arena of peril?

Beach Bodies features sixteen terrifying tales of beach vacation horror. For even more scares, check out the companion anthology Slice of Paradise out now from DarkLit Press.

This anthology includes stories by Scott Cole, Jay Alexander, Kelly Brocklehurst, Damien Casey, Leeroy Cross James, Max Christmas, Ronaldo Katwaroo, Nicholas A. Battaglia, Fox Claret Hill, Nat Whiston, Chelsea Paravel, Wendy Dalrymple, John Durgin, Jena Brown, Danielle Ramaekers, and Julie Sevens.