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Auntie Social (Fucked Up Bedtime Stories #3) by Peter Caffrey
Auntie Social (Fucked Up Bedtime Stories #3) by Peter Caffrey

Auntie Social (Fucked Up Bedtime Stories #3) by Peter Caffrey

Peter Caffrey

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Ten-year-old Arnold has a cuddly friend, Jimmy the Chimp. His toy ape is his companion, his fellow adventurer, and his advisor. No one else can hear Jimmy when he talks, and there’s nothing about modern life the chimp doesn’t know. Escaping from the world of Mummy and Daddy, the pair set out to have a series of adventures, aided by the fact Jimmy the Chimp is a Satanic necromancer.

Let their enchanting escapades relax and amuse you as you slip into a slumber filled with the sweetest of sweet dreams.

Auntie Social
When Mummy and Daddy go away for the weekend, Arnold and Jimmy plan an adventurous time with their regular babysitter, Molly, However, what neither of them expect is having to spend the weekend at the home of their new-age, vegan, yoga-addicted Auntie Doreen. When she tries to introduce Arnold to naked yoga, Jimmy the Chimp decides to take action.

Good night, sleep tight!


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Samantha H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

3 �

"Auntie Social" by Peter Caffrey I was sent my copy in exchange for an honest review. Arnold's parents are going away for their honeymoon and Jimmy the Chimp is exceptionally excited. The normal babysitter usually sucks and he's ready for a fun filled weekend of crazy with his pal Arnold. Unfortunately, Arnold's parents throw a wrench in the plans and ship them off to Aunt Dorreen's instead, Arnold's vegan hippy aunt. After a session of naked yoga things turn into a rollercoaster of fuckery. Hold on tight because Jimmy and Arnold are at it again. These stories keep getting better and better. Jimmy really makes this series and poor Arnold is just along for the ride. There isn't anything thats off limits or too crazy for Jimmy. I can't wait to see what else these two have in store.

simon m.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Quinoa and naked yoga

What do you do when your aunt stuffs you full of revolting vegan cuisine and forces you to perform naked yoga with her. You kill that’s what. What follows is a hilarious Weekend at Bernie’s esque tale that is all kinds of wrong.

Gerhard G.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

These stories just keep getting better!

I can't get enough of Jimmy the Chimp. Arnold is one of the coolest ten year olds in fiction, on par with Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbs), and these Fucked Up Bed Time Stories are demented, hilarious, and fun. May this series never end.

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Hilariously sick and twisted

This series from Peter has been highly entertaining so far, and book 3 is no exception! These stories get funnier, more absurd and more shocking with every installment! Arnold has to go and stay with his Auntie in this one, much to his and Jimmy's disgust! So, whilst there, Jimmy decides to make things more interesting - in ways only Jimmy can! Obviously, things go too far - but in the best possible way! The downward dog scene had me howling!! (I was going to re-enact it for my review photo, but I dont need another FB ban!!) Absolutely, hilarious and sick!! Perfect!! 5/5

Sean H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Even better than sticking a winky in a bum hole!

Jesus H. Corbett, what a hilarious entry into the Fucked up bedtime stories series! If you hate new age, spiritual bullshit this story is for you. A humorously horrific tale about naked yoga with a vegan aunt, and how she can be put to good use after getting cracked over the head with a Buddha statue. And who knew there were multiple uses for Worthing’s largest sausage? Roll on, part 4!