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Addicted to Vengeance by Stephen Cooper

Splatploitation Press


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Barrett is addicted to vengeance. The whole process of revenge is his life, from taking a horrific beating, to the long rocky road of recovery, to exacting his cruel and brutal retribution. Anyone who crosses him will suffer the ultimate fate; he won’t be denied.

With each act of vengeance, however, comes the thirst for more. For more pain! More humiliation! More bliss as he destroys all that wronged him! Like all addicts, he’s chasing that elusive high, and who knows what hellish place that craving will lead to.

Addicted to Vengeance is a brutal, unforgiving extreme horror that doesn’t pull any punches. Vengeance isn’t for the weak. In Barrett’s world, vengeance and violence are all that matters. It’s his happy place, no matter the cost. 

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Donna L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Excellent story!

I'm not sure I can come up with words to adequately describe how much I enjoyed this book. The main character was a very complex person, I felt sympathy and disgust towards him in equal parts. And the ending, holy cow. Bravo to the author!

United States United States
I recommend this product

Sweet, sweet revenge

Barrett's addiction to vengeance has been with him all his life. Always lurking, even during the happiest times of his life. He needs it; he seeks it. It's just who he is. Cooper's protagonist is an absolute beast. A kickass tale that, at certain moments, punches you in the throat and then turns around and tugs at your heart, feeling his pain. top-notch read. Check it out! 5 severed fingers out of 5

Brendon L.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Brutal revenge with an amazing conclusion

I have known of Stephen Cooper for a while following his YouTube channel and on social media but hadn't read any of his books until now. Addicted to Vengeance is a hell of a ride. Barrett is a man who had suffered. He had endured numerous violent attacks during his life through no fault of his own or by just trying to do the right thing. Barrett however is different from most men. He can take pain most would not survive. He actually relishes the effect these beatings have had on him because there is something special about Barrett. The beatings give him a chance to do what he truly loves, his lifes calling and that is to seek Vengeance in the most brutal ways. As the title suggests Barrett is addicted to the process of vengence and it consumes him. Vengeance is the most important thing in his life even above his family who he adores. The story follows Barrett who is compelled to violently correct the wrongs which he has been subjected too. This has some vivid descriptions of grotesque violence, tons of blood, broken bones, torture and inner dialogue of Barretts demented mind. Barrett seeks his vengeance in some absolute inventive ways. I particularly loved the descriptions of the character Jessys death. Vengeance is put above all else for Barrett as it consumes his existence. The conclusion is not what I expected either when reading the story but absolutely loved how it ended and left a smile on my face in its depravity. A wicked and extremely violent book fans of revenge stories and splatterpunk fans will enjoy immensely. This is one I will definitely reread again.

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Gore soaked and action packed!

There's no easing you in gently with this story. Stephen goes in full pelt and does not let up! In fact, he ramps up the pace with every chapter! Barrett is intent on revenge after being left unable to walk for nearly 2 years. The culprits did their time, but that's not enough in Barrett's eyes! He has used the time they served inside to build up his anger and hatred for them, and to ensure the revenge he serves up is the sweetest, most painful he can offer! So, whilst celebrating their new found freedom, Barrett will make them wish wholeheartedly that they were back inside. When Barrett holds a grudge, you'll be thanking your lucky stars it's not against you!! He soon gets a real taste for dishing out vengeance though, and in ever increasing inventive and brutal ways. Like a drug, he needs more and more to satisfy his cravings. He enjoys the beatings he gets almost as much as the revenge he exacts, knowing he is going to get his own back becomes almost sexual, makes him feel euphoric and wanting more! When he settles down, years later, and has a family, all thoughts of payback are out the window, and he just wants to enjoy life with his wife and daughter, until one day, arriving home from a holiday to find intruders have broken into their home…. The pain and suffering they cause him brings that longing back, and this time he has had plenty of time to let it simmer and grow. The more he suffers, the more powerful his vengeance becomes and the closer it brings him to his own personal nirvana. He thrives off the suffering, his own and his victims! So, he punishes himself, draws out the guilt and the hatred and the anger, until it's time for the ultimate retribution to be meted out, and absolute HELL to pay for anyone that gets in his way!! Gore soaked and action packed, this is an intensely brutal, barbaric and brilliant read. It will tug at your heart strings, as well as kick the shit out of it with the brutality of the revenges. It flows like the blood within its pages, fast and abundantly! And tops everything off with an awesome, surprise WTF ending!!