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A Gift of Death by Daniel J. Volpe
A Gift of Death by Daniel J. Volpe

A Gift of Death by Daniel J. Volpe

D&T Publishing


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A Gift of Death, is on tour. The three band members, Sarin, Vee-Exx, and Arsenic travel the country playing their dark brand of music for screaming fans. Their violent lyrics and goth style draw people to them. But, something else is drawing people to the mysterious trio...something sinister. They feed off the energy of the crowd, but desire something more: blood.

Cameron Snyder is an outcast. His love of death metal, extreme horror and his home life have left him on the fringes of high school society. When a prank goes too far, Cameron decides he's had enough. A relic of his dead father calls to him; a Colt 1911 handgun. He knows his life is not worth living, but can there be salvation? He then discovers a secret involving one of his favorite bands. A secret that could lead to immortality... or death.

Nestor and Cyril Visser run a private investigation business. A man shows up one day with a strange request, a deep knowledge of their past, and unlimited money. His request: find his son's killers and execute them. There's a catch though, he thinks the killers are vampires.

A Gift of Death combines heavy metal, revenge and bloodshed galore.

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