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Aussie Sickos by Simon McHardy
Aussie Sickos by Simon McHardy

Aussie Sickos by Simon McHardy

Potter's Grove Press


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Caleb Botha has idolized his murderous Uncle Red all his life. Now, in his twenties and with no prospects, he and his idiot brother, Sunny, decide they want to be infamous too. Together, they set off across the outback on a killing spree that Caleb hopes will rival even that of his legendary Uncle. If there is one thing Caleb has learned from the whispered tales of Uncle Red’s legacy, it is that there is more to killing than just the body count. To truly leave your mark and be remembered, each kill must be carried out in a manner more hilarious and sadistic than the last. The boys have their work cut out for them and are determined to make Uncle Red proud by taking up the mantle and becoming the next generation of true Aussie Sickos.

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Christina P.
United States United States
I recommend this product
This freaking guy, I tell you.

Why the f*ck do I do this to myself? He draws me in with his synopsis and rave reviews and then I almost always want to stab myself into lobotomy land. It is NOT a great idea to read this on an airplane while saying, “WTF?”, “Nooooooo”, and the one that got me some looks, “That asshole!” I mean, I could have been talking about my kids, but they were the most behaved on the flight. McHardy, I don’t know how you continue to get my money, but by God, take it with every new novella you write. 5/5 Uncle Reds

Donna L.
A bloody roadtrip

What can I say, Simon has done it again. I loved the kills, the dynamic of Caleb and Sunny, and there was the perfect amount of Ewwww moments. I really hope that Uncle Red gets his own book!


Wow what a road trip.. Aussie Sickos is non-stop filth, violence and dark humour. Once again this author has bought a huge smile to my face. The imaginative kills are always my favourites and the action doesn't stop. Brilliant book with a cover to match.

Sean H.

I’ve read this book multiple times. The shenanigans of Caleb and Sunny leave me feeling joy and happiness every time I re-read chapters about shit-eating, brain milkshakes and bus surfing. Simon is my favourite horror author by far. His sense of humour and mastery of prose surpasses everything else resembling this type of literature. He’s a fucking legend. ‘Nuff said.

Nauseating wild ride !!

What an awesome nauseating wild ride !!! I don’t know where to start. But first of all, I want to say this book needs triggers warning ! Not about all the killing ,in brutal and unimaginable ways . No! Not at all! It’s about all the . I can’t spell it. I’m having PTSD , about . Simon McHardy is too good at describing his scenes . I almost threw up several times ,while I was reading Caleb and Sunny’s adventures , in the first 40% of the story. I had to stop my reading. But after I read the King’s few supportive words ( if I can call them that ). I conquered my fear of and dived back in the book , and it was hilarious. I don’t know where Simon McHardy find his ideas , but in my opinion , he’s the best bizarro extreme horror writer . Every time I start a book he wrote ,I know I’m going to be very surprised, extremely gross out , and I’m going to laugh like crazy. I highly recommend this book to all his fan . If you never read one of his tale , I highly recommend this book to readers who are looking for a gross , gory , bizarro extreme horror story. And I forgot to say hilarious. His books always makes me laugh. Ps : MOTHER MAGGOT is my favorite Simon McHardy’s book .The uncensored version is the best !!!