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Outrage Level 10 by Lucy Leitner
Outrage Level 10 by Lucy Leitner

Outrage Level 10 by Lucy Leitner

Lucy Leitner


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Alex Malone is brain damaged from a career as a legendary goon in the outlawed sport of hockey. Now he's a cop because that’s the only job that’ll take him. His presence is enough to raise a citizen’s outrage level, putting him at constant risk of being banished — or worse, sent to the mysterious Maze.

His headaches bring the type of pain that makes plunging off one of Pittsburgh’s bridges a viable option. The bouts of unfettered rage interfere with his ability to complete even the simplest task of rounding up the centenarians with the dying brains and bionic bodies who terrorize other citizens.

Since The People assumed control of the Republic of America, death before 130 has become a thing of the pre-Revolutionary past. Cancer, heart disease, spinal cord injury — all eradicated thanks to tax dollars funding medical research instead of wars and unjust justice. If only they could figure out the brain…

So an experimental treatment sounds good to Malone. It feels good, too. The blackouts that would end with bleeding knuckles and a citizen unconscious on a sidewalk are replaced by vivid memories. The only problem is that the memories aren’t his. They're filled with torture and more violence than even the undefeated champion of ice boxing could imagine.

With a sense of purpose not felt since his days as hockey’s premier fighter, Malone is determined to find out what’s going on in his head, even if it makes him a target of the outraged mob and the powerful sadists that manipulate it, and leads him to horrifying truths that should have remained lies.

Outrage: Level 10 is an antihero’s journey through the inner workings of a violent, near-future dystopia.






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Andy C.
A Bleak Dystopian Tale

Outrage Level 10 by Lucy Leitner is absolutely unique and creative. Lucy writes very well, and tells a fantastic tale. I absolutely loved her entry to the FSBIH series ‘Karen’, but unfortunately I didn’t feel as drawn into this novel. That is not to say it isn’t top notch quality! Outrage Level 10 was hard for me to understand at times, I felt very disconnected from the characters, and really didn’t care what would happen to them. I did have to put the story aside from time to time. I definitely think this is more my own fault, and not a reflection on Lucy’s skills at all. I simply didn’t care for Malone or Marianne. I was way off on the message of the story, and I suppose it could be left up to reader interpretation. Leitner was gracious enough to explain some meanings, and it aided me in grasping the story a bit better. It also made me need to reflect prior to writing a review in an honest way. Overall, I give Outrage Level 10 by Lucy Leitner three and a half omnivices out of five aggs. I definitely will be revisiting this book at a later date. My only regret is that I didn’t speak with Lucy prior to reading. Nonetheless, if you are a fan of Blade Runner or The Running Man (more so the novel) you will love this book! Hopefully upon a second reading my rating will go up. I have a strong feeling it will. Until next time, my friends.