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Horrorgasm by Nikki Noir
Horrorgasm by Nikki Noir

Horrorgasm by Nikki Noir

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Molly Massacre is the hottest ghoul on FANdom, where HorrorGasm—her brand of spooky sex—delivers adult content to hundreds of horny horror fans.

 Although Molly loves some of the perks of being a camgirl, the lifestyle is starting to lose its appeal. Not to mention her boyfriend Chad has crossed the boundary from total sleazebag to truly abusive.

 Unsure how to improve her situation, Molly devises a sexy but dangerous plot. Tonight, after live streaming a solo act with her new Texas Chainsaw-themed vibrator, Molly will draw a winner for the #DateAFan raffle. Only the raffle will be rigged, and the winner is going to get more than they bargained for.

 The usual sex, humor, and horror abounds in Nikki’s HorrorGasm!

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    Varden F.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    It pays to be the biggest fan

    Molly Massacre is a sex livestreamer actress who performs unique staged scenarios of her getting off to horror themed sex toys while dressed in 80s slasher costumes with a racy flare on a website called Horrorgasm. That alone is what makes this an interesting set up for a fun story, but the actual plot definitely made it worth reading. Things are going well on camera in front of Molly's biggest fans, including Dylan who is an avid but respectful fan, but Molly's pesky boyfriend Chad is one huge misogynistic a-hole and just keeps getting worse as the story progresses. Molly's career is put in danger because of Chad's stupidity and take a dark turn with the stakes set high for everyone involved. I will not dare give away any spoilers, but I found the ending to be very satisfying. Fantastic read!

    Todd L.
    Canada Canada
    I recommend this product
    Time For Change

    Molly wants a change, Chad doesn’t. This short grabs you by the chainsaw and pulls hard on the trigger. I have read several of Nikki’s shorts and each one gets better than the last. I am loving this godless series. If you haven’t started yet, pick up a few now. Full of extreme horror and well thought out story line and plot. Nikki is a master at her craft.

    Tim E.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Great read, full of orgasmic pleasure...

    I really enjoy a Nikki Noir read, this is the third book I've read. Noir has the ability to take me into the dark confines of kinky, fandom, and a world that I don't experience on a a day to day. This story, without spoiling the fast pages, is about a woman who has been trapped and develops a plan to escape. She's not escaping the sex act she performs for her fans, but the relationship that is suffocating and has lost the thrill. This story is character driven, has a great slew of dialogue, enigma and drove me to the end in a furious page turning crescendo. Buy it NOW!

    Corrina M.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    I recommend this product
    Horribly brilliant!

    I Really Enjoy Nikkis Writing, Her Ideas And Characters Are Great, Her Stories Always Flow Really Well, And You Never Know Where Its Gonna Go....You Think You Do, But You Don't!! This One Was Brutal, Tense, Bloody Fun, Loved It!!!!

    Nikolas P.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    A Smutty Good Time

    Molly Massacre's HorrorGasm page on FANdom is successfully drawing subscribers with her horror-themed camgirl antics. She's generating income at a rate most girls on FANdom would probably kill for, but everything is far from perfect. Molly wants out of the life she's living with her narcissistic, domineering, drug-dealing boyfriend, Chad. With the assistance of her best friend (and business manager), Selena, Molly has a plan to escape from her boyfriend and to start a new life. For her final HorrorGasm performance, with a Texas Chainsaw Massacre-inspired vibrator, Molly raffles off the chance to go on a date with her, and the plan seems to be wildly successful. Unfortunately, Chad's increasingly erratic behavior and the white knight fantasy of a HorrorGasm subscriber, Dylan, send the plan off the rails. Will Molly Massacre's HorrorGasm ultimately lead to true horror? You'll have to read the story to find out. Unlike a lot of Noir's fiction I've read, there is no supernatural/paranormal element to this tale. Horrorgasm is a straightforward thriller with a heavy erotic component. Don't dismiss this story for the lack of surreal horror. Nikki Noir is no one-trick pony, and she'll have you speeding through the pages, desperate to see where she leads you.