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What Good Girls Do by Jonathan Butcher
What Good Girls Do by Jonathan Butcher

What Good Girls Do by Jonathan Butcher

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'Like all the best extreme horror, What Good Girls Do leaves you with the urge to go and bleach your soul after reading...'
Alex Davis, creator of Film Gutter

She lives with no name.
She has never left her room.
All she has ever known is pain and abuse.

Until now.

Today, she will breathe fresh air for the first time, feel sunshine against her skin and even witness human kindness.
But she has a point to make – a bleak, violent point – and when she meets her neighbour, Serenity, she finds the perfect pupil.
Forced to endure a lesson distilled from a nightmarish existence, Serenity must face unflinching evil, witness the unspeakable, and question her most deeply-held views, until at last she has no choice but to fight for her family’s survival.

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Gerhard G.
Canada Canada

My greatest fear is that this book has left me completely desensitized, a soulless husk, ruined forever.

If I had known what I was getting myself into, I never would have read this book, and it was only the quality of the writing and my hope for a just ending that kept me reading. Because this book is truly horrifying. The content was disturbing and hard to stomach. Nothing I have previously read, not even Matt Shaw, Regina Watts, or the Hawker/McHardy duo had prepared me for What Good Girls Do. And, honestly, I don't ever want to read anything like it again. Jonathan Butcher deals with hard topics like child rape, child porn rings, etc. He handles them respectfully, i think but, but believably. All to believably. Thus, it is not an easy world to enter. Then, when the last word has been read, the dust doesn't settle. It is a hard world to exit. The story is the thing of which the worst night terrors are born, and it leaves you reeling. And the worst thing us, reality might be worse...?

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Watch Out For Daddys

I finished this at lightening speed. It wasn’t just the usual torture porn type stuff. It was way too realistic and the writer developed the characters so well that you felt sympathy for the ones you should and hate for the other ones. Couldn’t shake off the whole daddy thing for awhile.