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Lights Out by Nate Southard
Lights Out by Nate Southard

Lights Out by Nate Southard

Sinister Grin Press

"Lights Out is fast-paced, engaging, and filled with action... a novel that will lock up many readers and not release them until they've completed the last sentence."
-Twilight Ridge

Burnham State Maximum Security Penitentiary holds the worst criminals humanity has to offer. Murderers, rapists, and others who have preyed upon humanity populate the prison, creating a food chain of violence and fear. Something lives beneath Burnham, however, and after years of waiting, it has been set free.

And it is hungry.

Now, those who call Burnham home must band together if they hope to survive. After years of being called monsters, they will face something much worse, and they will know how it feels to be prey.






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