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Masters of Horror: A Horror Anthology
Masters of Horror: A Horror Anthology

Masters of Horror: A Horror Anthology

Matt Shaw Publications

A selection of some of the finest horror writers of today were invited by Matt Shaw to bring him their twisted tales for this anthology. A book put together with the sole purpose of reminding readers what the horror genre is really about. Each author was told they could write about any subject matter they wanted so long as it was set in a world of horror. The only rule they had: No Paranormal Romance. Vampires do not sparkle, werewolves do not date, Witches do not scour Tinder for Virgins and ghosts do not declare their undying love whilst tidying the apartment... This is horror...

Featuring work from:

Introduction- Matt Shaw
Brian Lumley - The Cyprus Shell
Ramsey Campbell- Again
Sam West- Survival
J R Park - Mary
Peter McKeirnon- Doll Face
Andrew Freudenberg- A Taste of Mercy
Mason Sabre - Chocolate
Shaun Hutson- The Contract
Anton Palmer- Dead-Eyed Dick
Wrath James White- Beast Mode
Shane McKenzie- Dewey Davenport
Tonia Brown - Zolem
Graeme Reynolds- The Pit
Adam L.G. Nevill- Hippocampus
Gary McMahon- You Can Go Now
Ryan Harding - Down There
Matt Shaw - Letter From Hell
Matt Hickman- Eye For An Eye
Daniel Marc Chant - Three Black Dogs
Amy Cross- Checkout
Kit Power- Loco Parentis
Adam Millard - In The Family
Guy N. Smith - The Priest Hole
Jaime Johnesee- Just Breathe
Craig Saunders- Raintown Sam
Michael Bray - The End Is Where You’ll Find It
Jeff Strand- Don’t Make Fun Of The Haunted House
Mark Cassell - Trust Issues
Paul Flewitt- The Silent Invader
Clare Riley Whitfield- The Clay Man
Jim Goforth- Animus
Brian Lumley - The Deep-Sea Conch
Chris Hall- Afterword



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