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The Sickest Shit by Matt Shaw
The Sickest Shit by Matt Shaw

The Sickest Shit by Matt Shaw

Matt Shaw


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Only on Godless. 600 pages of Shaw's sickest and sexiest work! 

You know some days you wake up and just think, “Fuck it”? Well, that’s exactly what Matt Shaw did when he put this collection together. Originally the majority of these stories were only available on his ETSY store, in special signed collections. Why? Because Amazon would shit a brick if he tried to publish these stories on their website.

Within this collection, Matt Shaw takes aim at God, Hitler, the Prophet Muhammad and ISIS and - not a single fuck was given. Each of the twisted stories is done with tongue firmly in cheek and intended for those who can take a joke. Something to make you chuckle away at the wrongness of it all before you get to The Extreme Stories at the end of the book.

Panty sniffing, cunt clots, cannibalism, incest, bestiality and more feature in this no-holds barred collection. Remember, if you’re a pussy or of a sensitive nature, please do - kindly - fuck off.