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In the Beginning by Reed Alexander
In the Beginning by Reed Alexander


In the Beginning by Reed Alexander

Madness Heart Press


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As a private investigator, Joan just wanted an easy day, from a simple job, with a quick paycheck. She had rules about getting involved, becoming invested. That seemed simple enough until outside influences force her hand. What appears to be a simple carjacking turns into a full-blown conspiracy. A mysterious cult, with strange supernatural powers, hunts the wayward carjacked.In Joan’s efforts to her property, she is dragged headlong into a plot that threatens her, anyone she contacts, and indeed the whole world. Something waits for Joan, with many hands, and many eyes, something that comes from the beginning.And in the beginning, there was only darkness.
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Luke H.
Denmark Denmark
I recommend this product
Not for the faint-hearted!

Delivers relentless, visceral thrills while still managing to bring that elusive suspense factor which makes a story truly chilling. I devoured this in two evenings and had a couple of days at work with bleary eyes. Partly from staying up late to read one more page, and partly from finding it difficult to sleep because I was thinking about this scene or that. I found the characters convincing and the main character, Joan, in particular leapt off the page for me. It was refreshing to read a female protagonist who wasn't based on any tedious clichés! Brutal horror at it's best!

Sheer carnage

The violence and gore is like a rapid spate of gunfire it starts and bam bam bam. Doesn’t cease. It consumed my attention so much I didn’t notice my mother in law come in the room. Scared the hell out of me. Slight spoiler. All I can say is Space cockroaches. What more does one need in a story? The plot was well thought out and left me wanting to know what happened next. I also loved that the main protagonist is a woman and even when she was teamed up with a guy there was no romance that had to awkwardly be injected into the story just the continuation of sheer violence and destruction. Can’t wait to read something else from this author again.