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They All Died Screaming by Kristopher Triana
They All Died Screaming by Kristopher Triana

They All Died Screaming by Kristopher Triana

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It's called The Scream.
Once you get it, you simply cannot stop screaming. You can't eat or sleep. You slowly go more insane until you can't stand to be alive.

It creates more than a few inconveniences for Chuck. He's chronically unemployed and just wants to hang out with his neighbor, Leslie, the loudmouthed alcoholic everyone else hates. But when The Scream runs rampant at their local bar, they're forced to journey through a city in chaos. Joined by a bitter bartender, a dockside prostitute, a conspiracy theorist, and a homeless man, this group of misfits is thrown together for the apocalypse.
When a boy is kidnapped at a shopping mall, a strange man wants his help raising veal and brings him to a rural pig farm. As the boy grows to identify with his captor, the man's flesh begins to rot, and the boy must take on extra work--including going out on his first hunt.

Is The Scream a virus? A neurological phenomenon? A biological weapon?  

They All Died Screaming is a plague novel by Splatterpunk Award-Winning author Kristopher Triana. It is a pitch black book about the lowly and downtrodden being the last people on earth.

Praise for Triana’s Work:

 “Kristopher Triana is without question one of the very best of the new breed of horror writers.” - Bryan Smith, author of Depraved

 “Kristopher Triana pens the most violent, depraved tales with the craft and care of a poet describing a sunset, only the sunset has been eviscerated, and dismembered, and it is screaming.” - Wrath James White, author of The Resurrectionist

"Jesus! And I thought I was sick!" - Edward Lee, author of Header

 "Whatever style or mode Triana is writing in, the voice matches it unfailingly... it's a safe bet we'll be seeing his name a lot in the years to come." - Cemetery Dance