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The Crop Circle by Kevin Sweeney
The Crop Circle by Kevin Sweeney

The Crop Circle by Kevin Sweeney

Kevin Sweeney


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When one of them reveals that he has terminal cancer, four childhood friends agree to do something that they have talked about for years; ever since they were young, they've always spoken about making a crop circle in the shape of a massive cock. Of course it's a childish, stupid notion, but somehow it seems fitting.

Little do they know what they are letting themselves in for... a descent into ultraviolence, insanity, and mind-bending horror.
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Simon M.
Vintage Sweeney.

Unapologetically gross and gruesome, with a vain of hilarious dark humor pumping through it.

Nicholas G.
The Crop Circle is an extreme horror story about Male Genital Mutilation

Basically, a group of friends travel to a wheat field and make a crop circle in the shape of a, uhm, how should I say this... *cough cough* penis... One of the friends is in a hospital, talking to a lady who proceeds to tell them about each of their best friend's fatalities. So, wow! This story was insanely brutal! Kevin Sweeney knows where to strike, and he uses that against the reader, causing you to hold your groin in dismay. You want to take a break from what you are reading, give your balls a mental break, but Kevin Sweeney is such a great story teller, so much so that he makes you want to continue with reading the mayhem, even when your curled into a fetal position, cupping your balls and wishing for the intermission with the mean lady to commence again. I give this one Four Floppy Stars!!! Yes, I really liked this one! The whole time I was shocked at what I was reading, but never once thought to look away! As a guy, this may made my knees weak and stomach tighten. Amazing Extreme Horror Novella! Recommend to those who can handle horror that's so brutal, it would make the hardest horror fan change genres. Good Job Kevin Sweeney. You actually made me grimace while reading a horror story, which only two other books have forced me to do prior. Those stories being Billy Silver by Daniel J. Volpe and Die Tommy by Aron Beauregard. So, Good Job Kevin, your the third to make me visibly grimace.