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Past Indiscretions Edited by Jack Bantry
Past Indiscretions Edited by Jack Bantry


Past Indiscretions Edited by Jack Bantry

Jack Bantry


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13 stories of classic splatterpunk taken from the pages of the cult horror zine, featuring some of the best writers working in the field of horror fiction: JF Gonzalez, Shane McKenzie, Ryan Harding, Jeff Strand, Adam Cesare, Bracken MacLeod, Ryan C Thomas, Tim Curran, Brendan Vidito, Kit Power, WD Gagliani & David Benton, Monica J O’Rourke and Nathan Robinson. Cover art by Dan Henk. Introduction by Chris Hall.

Praise for Splatterpunk Zine:

“It makes me nostalgic” - Wrath James White

"Splatterpunk Zine is 100% the real deal, and if seedy-but-brilliantly-written hardcore horror is your pleasure, guilty or otherwise, I'd say this zine is essential reading." - Ginger Nuts of Horror

"This is an old school handmade hardcore horror fiction... I liked it a lot." - Mark Sieber, Horror Drive-In

"Bantry is providing a great time for fans of horror fiction. If you haven't jumped on this viscera-covered bandwagon, what are you waiting for?" - Sean Leonard,

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Milt T.
Greece Greece
I recommend this product

One of the Strongest Anthologies of Extreme Horror Out There!

A brilliant anthology! Jack Bantry has done an outstanding job: the stories are nasty and twisted, the writing is top notch and the blood flows freely. From the start, with Curran's "Brats", you know what you're getting yourself into, with monstrous children. This story has great impact, and then it gets even better with stories about snuff, perverted sex, splatter noir, orgies, violence, revenge, threesomes, and even a vacuum seller (ok, that story, Ryan C Thomas' Ginsu Gary, is my favorite!). I can't recommend it highly enough!

Lisa L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

An Epic Horrorfest

Past Indiscretions is an extreme horror fest of epic proportions. Jack Bantry has collected classic tales from some of horror’s best minds. These tales previously appeared in Splatterpunk Zine, so if you are an aficionado of the zine, some of these may be familiar. If you are not yet an aficionado of the zine, this will make you want to be. “Brats” by Tim Curran is the tale of an unthinkable apocalyptic event told without mercy for either characters or readers. “Fuck Shock” by Brenan Vidito is a dark and graphic psychological horror. “I’m On My” by Master of Mindfuck Shane McKenzie is mind violating. I felt this one in the pit of my stomach. For a long time, too. “Reprising Her Role” by Bracken MacLeod is a gruesome and terrifying little tale that is definitely not for the squeamish. “Wide Load” by Kit Power is pure Splatterpunk to turn both the mind and the stomach. “Love at First Sting” by WD Gagliani and David Benton is a masterfully written, hardcore splatterpunk tale of choices and consequences with excellent imagery and foreshadowing. “This is my Flesh” by Splatterpunk Queen Monica O’Rourke is a horrifying story of torture and things beyond reasonable thought, told as only Monica can. “Ginsu Gary” by Ryan C Thomas is a mind-blowing bit of horror that defies reason and explanation. Upon reaching this story’s end, I verbally exclaimed, “Oh God!” to an empty room. “NSFW” by Nathan Robinson is splatterpunk erotica to tease and torment the mind. “Threesome” by Splatterpunk Award Winner Ryan Harding is a graphic and disturbing story about choices written in Harding’s impactful expert style. “Fair Trade” by Master Storyteller Jeff Strand is a horrifying little mind-blower about truth and consequences. “So Bad” by Adam Cesare is an ominous story with a traditional slow and steady buildup and very disturbing conclusion. “Ricochet” by Extreme Horror Legend J.F. Gonzalez is a speculative piece about domestic abuse and the dark web that takes real world issues to a new level of horror. This is a must-have collection for all Extreme Horror and Splatterpunk fans. Some of these make you exclaim out loud. Others turn your stomach. And your brain. And your sleep patterns. I love this collection.