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Trapped: A Dark Dozen Anthology
Trapped: A Dark Dozen Anthology
Trapped: A Dark Dozen Anthology


Trapped: A Dark Dozen Anthology

Uncomfortably Dark


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Uncomfortably Dark Horror proudly presents the second Dark Dozen Anthology, Trapped. 

12 tales of terror stemming from a single word. Trapped.

What would you do if you were trapped, alone, and afraid, with no one to help, no way out?  How far would you go to survive? What could you endure? 

The authors in this anthology pulled no punches and the stories within these pages will leave a mark on you long after the tales are told. You may even find yourself trapped, held hostage, until every horrific word has been consumed.

Authors include Lee Murray, Eric Butler, Jae Mazer, Steve Stred, Daemon Manx, James G. Carlson, Brian Asman, Tylor James, Regina Watts, M Ennenbach, River Dixon, Rayne Havok, and Nikolas P. Robinson. Foreword written by Steve Stred. 

Praise for Trapped!

"A brilliantly assembled chorus of voices from every corner of contemporary horror."—Jonathan Durham, author of Winterset Hollow.

“An unnerving gamut of crimson-caked tales that no horror reader should miss. TRAPPED takes you on a pulse-pounding, repugnant journey that satisfies even the most voracious and vile appetites.”—Aron Beauregard, author of The Slob & Playground.