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Alien Sex Fluids: Final Things by REEKFEEL
Alien Sex Fluids: Final Things by REEKFEEL

Alien Sex Fluids: Final Things by REEKFEEL


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This is the end. This is the climax of the book and our nightly story. And we’ve deserved it.  For RESULTS and ERROR ANALYSIS of all the Experiments. It’s been a fucking failure. But I could have told you that at the start - this is Lovecraft shit. No one wins. Well, except for Daddy Cthulhu.

And the fate of poor Nyarlathotep is revealed, and what a shocker.

This is it. The fucking end of everything. Apocalyptic, strange and full of biscuits still. Amazing things will happen. Impossible things. In fact, 5 impossible things to witness:

  1. I will cage god. Witness.
  2. eldritch gods make a porno. Witness.
  3. I will kill god. Witness.
  4. I will create god. Witness.
  5. I will kill the author. Witness.

That’s how to end a novel. Right?

Read on for more new untold-of things. Open your eyes. Dream. Then close your eyes and prepare for the end. 

10,000 fucking evil words, and 1 hour 37 minutes of me raving insane bollocks in your face. Hear monstrous sounds emerge as i try to emulate Cthulhu doing a fart. 

WARNING : Listening to this audio file will make you lose your hold on reality. Expiration is possible.