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War of Dictates by John Baltisberger
War of Dictates by John Baltisberger

War of Dictates by John Baltisberger

John Baltisberger


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A 2021 Splatterpunk Award Nominee

There is a war fought from the very first moments of existence, from the shadows of humanity's own evil deeds and inequities. Fought between creatures whose very existence defies human understanding.

On one side, the monstrously powerful Semyaza, master of the fallen Watchers, seeks to own humanity, to dominate them through blood, sex, and pain.

On the other, Ashmandai, the very incarnation of imperfection, freedom and passion, whose love for his wife Lillith spurns him to greater and greater acts of defiance against the unnatural order set in place by the infectious Watchers.

Neither will submit, but only one may survive.

A blistering novella of pain, rage and debauchery, this is a splatterpunk journey through the Talmud told entirely in verse.






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    Lisa L.
    Evocative Graphic Verse

    Splatterpunk Award Nominee War of Dictates is an Epic of dark cosmic and historical horror told completely in verse. This brilliant and revolutionary piece by John Baltisberger is the new standard in epic horror poetry and rivals anything like it in classic horror literature. This is not dark prose, it is evocative, graphic verse. Baltisberger pulls from Jewish lore and history to weave and epic tale of The Watchers, The Nephilim, The Fallen, and the darkness of humanity. This is a brutal tale, impactful and unmerciful. It chronicles a history and evolution of sin and brutality and the biblical beings pulling the strings of man from the beginning of time as we know it. You will never again look at history, horror, or humans the same. On a personal level, I found this epic tale moving, evocative, mentally stimulating, and horrifying. I found Baltisberger’s presentation daring, his concept engrossing, and his verse darkly beautiful. This is not only shelf-worthy but a library must have.