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All Good Children by Dayna Ingram
All Good Children by Dayna Ingram
All Good Children by Dayna Ingram


All Good Children by Dayna Ingram

Lethe Press

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Everyone tells 14-year-old Jordan Fontaine not to worry about the summer camp that isn't really a summer camp, not to worry about the survival statistics she's been calculating since elementary school, or about the quickly averted eyes and frowning mouths of her peers when she tells them her Liaison is coming to visit she and her brothers. She does not dare to tell anyone that her pulse quickens when she looks at the beautiful Liason. But the Liaison, whose role is to supply their inhuman masters with bodies, is being manipulated by another. And Jordan will be drawn into a dangerous coup that she is unaware of, This is a world where women are bred like cattle, ensuring the continuation of the human race—or, as they are known to the malevolent Over, sustenance. Perhaps some children need to be seen and heard.

"Ingram has invigorated the apocalyptic genre with a tightly woven story brimming with atmosphere.... This novel is at once refreshing and thoughtful, and a great addition to the genre." - Publishers Weekly, starred review

"This is a short read...but it manages to convey this world and an engaging plot without seeming rushed. Dayna Ingram has a gift for imagining rich and disturbing worlds. Although The Over is fantastical, the rest of the world seems brutally realistic. I was hooked from the first fire-and-brimstone chapter, and was kept clinging on until the very last page." - Danika Leigh Ellis for The Lesbruary

All Good Children is suffused with compassion, outrage, despair, and dreams that die at birth. Dayna Ingram has crafted every fiber of this rich tapestry with the utmost care. And—like the reader—all are held in exquisite tension." - Lea Daley, author of ​FutureDyke