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Zola by D.E. McCluskey
Zola by D.E. McCluskey

Zola by D.E. McCluskey

D.E. McCluskey


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From the dark mind of D E McCluskey, author of CRACK and Cravings, comes a twisted, cheesy novella … 


Gordon’s name was a joke, given to him by an abusive father to mock his wife’s love of cheese. 

It was just another in long line of cruel jokes. 

Andrea Zola is a doting wife and a protective mother. However, when she uncovers a truth, one so shocking that it rocks her world to its very foundations, one of these things changes drastically. 

Gordon and his mother are thrust into a whole new world. With nowhere to turn and no one to turn to, they are forced to do whatever it takes to survive. Gordon’s love for his mother, and for cheese, is about to be taken to a whole new level.

If you are a lover of cheese, and indeed of decency, then this extreme horror novella may contain triggers.

You have been warned! 
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Leeanne W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Anyone for Cheese Sauce!!!

Who would have known the cute author who looks as though butter wouldn’t melt, would write something so vile, putrid, gross and sickening as this...but I really liked between bouts of gagging and feeling nauseous, throughout. I can’t say too much about the book, without giving too much away, but know that this is hella EXTREME!! Andrea is married to Tony, an abusive drunk and womaniser, who enjoys dishing out the slaps and punches to his downtrodden wife. He starts taking an interest in their 7 year old son, and treats him to days out with friends and pocket money etc.. This isn’t a story which sits well in the stomach, and I suggest anyone who reads it, doesn’t eat for a while, before or after. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Erica S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

A truly twisted tale of abuse, revenge, and most of all, cheese.

As a lover of both stinking cheeses and the extreme no-triggers-allowed horror sub-genre, I found this novella to be as fresh and sharp as cheddar. McCluskey really made me care about the first half's protagonist, Andrea, and her downward spiral through a horribly abusive relationship as well as her son's journey thereafter. Those heartbreaking paths led to Zola's cleverly repugnant crescendo of an ending, and I found myself unable to peel my eyes away until I finished. Like truly good EXTREME horror, this novella is assaulting to the senses and as filthy as it gets. For anyone who loved hardcore horror like "Cows," "Woom," and "Billy Silver" I cannot recommend this vile tale any higher. Five stars for sure. No animal torture but I think the author touches on MOST other triggers. Read it while you're hungry for serious appetite control. You've been warned. Make sure you stick around. I thought the note from the author at the end was one of the most interesting I've ever read.

United States United States

This Just Stands Out Above The Rest.

We always say this or that book is "disturbing." Nope, this is hands down above and beyond. Also, vividly told it leaves nothing to the imagination. After reading much in this genre I am usually not too touched. This however got the rise out of me (emotionally, not physically). Read this book!

Nikolas P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

A Cheese Steak You Won't Find In Philadelphia

Anthony Zola was a terrible person. One need only look at the cruel joke of a name he saddled his only son with, Gordon. Gordon Zola, a childish gag and a pointed jab at his wife's obsessive cheese consumption. Unfortunately for Andrea and Gordon Zola, that horrible appellation is the least of Anthony's transgressions against his wife and child. Years of abuse and manipulation from her husband had compressed Andrea's life to the extent that her world revolved entirely around her monster of a husband and her socially isolated son. Just as she finally began transforming herself into a woman she could recognize when she looked in the mirror, a horrific discovery sent her life spiraling out of control. Anthony's bonding time with their son has a far more sinister purpose than Andrea could have imagined, and the only solution is a drastic one. Unhealthy codependence and unspeakable appetites become the crux of mother and son's relationship, inexorably drawing Andrea and Gordon into further segregation from the world around them. As barbaric solutions become the only way the two of them can survive, Andrea and Gordon devolve into a bestial existence of filth and isolation that escalates until the heartbreakingly inevitable conclusion. McCluskey provides readers with a poignant tale of family and intense psychological trauma through a medium rife with absurdity and graphic depictions of revolting inhumanity. Zola is a coming-of-age story for the perpetual adolescent; a depiction of acute arrested development in the form of Gordon Zola, a boy who grew into a man without ever having a chance to develop any life for himself under the aberrant safekeeping of his traumatized mother. As easy as it might be to write this story off as being a steadily intensifying gross-out narrative--and there's a lot to gross the reader out--there's a whole lot of sadness and distressing truth to be found in these pages as well. McCluskey tells us the tale of a man who never had a chance to be anything but the monstrosity he became, all because of a father's cruelty and a mother's misguided love.

United States United States

Wtf Man

This is the grossest shit I have ever read in my life and I loved every fucking second. THIS IS A GREAT BOOK.