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Unamerican Trash: An Unpatriotic Anthology
Unamerican Trash: An Unpatriotic Anthology
Unamerican Trash: An Unpatriotic Anthology


Unamerican Trash: An Unpatriotic Anthology

Godless International


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On America's day, the rest of the world takes a dump on the red, white, and blue.

Simon McHardy
Peter Caffrey
Kevin  Sweeney
Sean Hawker
D.E. McCluskey
Lindsay Crook

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Jessica S.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Wholesome, Uplifting Anthology

Or not. Maybe not. What can I say..... as a Canadian..... Unamerican Trash.... I love it. So depraved, so gross, so um.... offensive? In all the best ways. I HIGHLY recommend this. Unless, you know, you are ANYTHING.....

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

God Bless The US

'Mericans!!!! Classic tales from the US, told by the highly researched, totally factual studies of the finest Brits around! �� I mean, these, as you'd expect, are delightful little tales, exploring the true reasons behind the stories and people you love from overseas! So, yeah, gross, disturbing, horrific, hilarious, vulgar, disrespectful and downright brilliant! There's even a lovely rendition of the American National Anthem…. From the Foreword by our very own Drew Stepek, to the very end of this collection, you're in for a fun time! *MELVIN "SKIDS" ROE v. WADE-THROUGH-BLOOD by Kevin Sweeney* - Republic@nts vs Democ@nts, a debate on abortion rights and the money it may or may not provide (its always about the money, right?), quickly devolves into a bizarre, gross, sticky and disgusting mayhem! *WUFLU by Simon McHardy & Sean Hawker* - Caitlin is working from home during the pandemic and making sure people are abiding by the rules, if not, they get reported to PEDO squad! In the meantime, being alone means she is desperate to relieve her sexual frustration, especially after her trusty dildo dies on her! Absolute pussy overload!! Gross, but I'd expect nothing less from these two! *AFTERBIRTH OF A NATION by DE McCluskey* - Well, this was one big insane fuckfest wasn't it?! When a lawyer comes aboard Admiral Cochrane's ship, he receives a most "comfortable" welcome! Rather him than me! We then get the story of the American flag being designed and produced in the most delightfully funny, sticky, smelly, lumpy way! The stars!!!! Then we have the epic Brits v Yanks battle……which is just absolute hilarious mayhem! And if that wasn't enough, we finally get how the American anthem “came” about!! *ICH BIN EIN BOILINER by Peter Caffrey* - Holy fucking shit, this was so gross!! The descriptions right from the off made me want to puke, the images, tastes and smells they brought to mind so damn vivid! I actually had to stop to take in some fresh air at one point! The romantic story of The Kennedys, and a pus filled and crusty pageant, had me shitting feathers!! GROSS!!! Yet hilarious! *CUM AS YOU ARE by Lindsay Crook* - I'm pretty sure Ive read all of Lindsays work now and I've thoroughly enjoyed it! This, in my opinion, is her best yet! She describes the scenes so well you feel like you're there, living and breathing every scene, every touch, taste, smell, sound and sight (which isn't always a good thing ) A nobody called Kurt is desperate to be a famous rockstar, and to have all that comes with the title, and he will do anything to get it…. so, as you do, he makes a deal with the devil, and then descends into madness! Fast paced, action packed, and a lot of fun, this is the true story behind Kurt Cobain's death and the 27 club, and what a way to go! A real 90s nightmare trip! *THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED…..AND WAS EATEN by Simon McHardy & Sean Hawker* - Buddy Holly and co, THAT plane crash and the real truth behind what caused it!! This was absolutely hilarious, it made me think of the Snickers adverts, “You're not you when you're hungry!” A tale of cannibalism, panic wanks, music and friendship. And it's by the gruesome twosome so you know what to expect! EVERY story in this collection was so much fun! A real American/British treat! Fill yer boots!