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Maggot Girl: Episode 1: A Maggoty Metamorphosis by Otis Bateman
Maggot Girl: Episode 1: A Maggoty Metamorphosis by Otis Bateman


Maggot Girl: Episode 1: A Maggoty Metamorphosis by Otis Bateman

Otis Bateman


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Maggot Girl is sick, violent and dangerous. She leaves a trail of brutal pornographic perversion in her wake. Add mind-blowing gore fans of extreme horror and Splatterpunk will love! Nothing will be left to the imagination in this utterly disturbing and sickening series. Maggot Girl is definitely not the girl next door, unless you live next door to a psychopathic nymphomaniac from Hell! 






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Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Vividly vile!!!!

HOLY SHIT!!!! Well, That just started gross and got worse and worse!!!! In the best possible way of course!! I quote the author "Maggot Girl is a truly sickening, gore strewn, psychosexual tale of debauchery in every way possible!" And this story does exactly what it says on the tin!! Perfect!! Awesome job Otis!! The descriptions were so vivid, I felt I was right there with the main character, feeling, hearing, seeing, tasting EVERYTHING!!!! This story was a great quick read but rammed with twisted, sick, nastiness from beginning to end! I found it equally horrifying and humorous, I loved every minute of it! (What have I become?? ) I also love all the familiar characters throughout the story, although I can never look Rayne Havok in the eyes again!!!! ‍♀️ I am so looking forward to the sequel, which will definitely be an instant buy from me!! 5 out of 5 rotting pizzas

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Weak Stomachs Should Stay Clear

Holy rotten maggot penis that was disgusting. I mean turn your stomach make you up chuck gross and my disgusting loving self now needs book 2.

United States United States

Gross, gory, and a lot of wiggly goodness. A must read if you're done using your eyes and want to dig them out, or if you LOVE spontaneous barfing. Buckle up kiddos

Gerhard G.
Canada Canada
Talk about sick. As far as maggots go, Maggot Girl gives Mother Maggot a run for her money.

Like most books/stories on Godless, I went into Maggot Girl blind. It was the cover that did it for me. The image of the innocent girl snuggling up with her pet maggot. It reminded me of that old classic1, Lassie. I mean, not really. But I did go into it blind, and I was glad that I did. Otis Bateman came out of nowhere with this first offering, producing the kind of filth that would make Matt Shaw squirm, and he did it with all of the finesse of a seasoned writer. Maggot Girl is maybe the most sexually deviant stories I have read. But Bateman doesn't just explore kink for kink's sake (which is fine, if that's what you want to do). He unravels it, peels it back, like an onion, to address compulsive behavior and addictions. I look forward to seeing what he will do next.