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Bod (The Smalls Family VI) by Ash Ericmore
Bod (The Smalls Family VI) by Ash Ericmore

Bod (The Smalls Family VI) by Ash Ericmore

Ash Ericmore


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Peter is the hulk of the family. Got the nickname Bod by having a big bulbous head. It goes with the rest of him. Big. Bulbous. Just like his heart. He’s got a big heart for the rest of the family.

Taking a job for the Eastern Europeans was a given, especially how they pay him in coke. See, Peter has a bit of a habit. And this job—for the Eastern Europeans—well, this job is going to get him in trouble.

The question is, is will he be able to get himself out of it?

Seven brothers. Seven Smalls. Graphic content. Consider this a trigger warning for just about everything.


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Dakota D.
United States United States

Peter’s Misadventures

Peter Smalls is large and in charge, able to take out groups of mini ninjas and druggies all on his own. I love his personality, he has a certain charm to him that I can’t quite place my finger on. Maybe it’s the blissful ignorance that makes him seem almost innocent, even as he shops people to bits. Yeah, I think that may be it! He doesn’t have as much going on upstairs as his other brothers, but that doesn’t stop him from being just as hilarious as his brothers. Additionally, Petey, his pet rat, seems like such a sweetheart. I’m really hoping to see more of him in the Smalls future! This installment is a bit more lighthearted than the others, the atmosphere isn’t as dark as the others and the violence takes the backseat in this one. Peter’s personality REALLY shines through. I could read a book just about his day to day life and be thrilled with it. He is definitely my new favorite of the bunch.

Nikolas P.
United States United States
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Another Smalls Family Misadventure

Peter Smalls might just be the dumbest of the Smalls siblings; he's certainly the least competent of the brothers we've met thus far. I'm not sure that makes him any less dangerous than the others. He might be more dangerous for being how he is. We're introduced to Peter just before Peter introduces Theo to his rodent buddy, Petey. Theo had somehow got on the wrong side of a member of the Smalls' extended family, a cousin who goes by Valentine. Bod and his little buddy, Petey, are there to make things good. This is a win-win scenario for Petey because the little fella hasn't eaten in a while. Bod's been hired by the Eastern Europeans to take care of some competition, but he's going to be in for a couple of surprises when it comes time to take care of business. That is if he can think clearly enough to get to the correct address. While Bod wasn't quite as entertaining as Bliss and Cockwinder for me, it's still a Smalls Family story, which makes it an absolute thrill ride of over-the-top violence and depravity. You can't go wrong with any of these stories. Ash Ericmore continues to exhibit the same cinematic storytelling that made readers all over the world fall in love with this dysfunctional family, cementing himself as the literary amalgam of Guy Ritchie and Eli Roth, with just a touch of Tarantino for flavor.

Christina P.
I recommend this product


Can this series get any better? The answer is a loud and excited YES! Bod sets up a new character, one that will be one of my anticipated reads next month (hopefully next month) and shows us maybe drugs are bad, mmmkay. Don’t do cocaine when sent to take out a drug den. Bad things can happen. Mix ups, ninjas, gas masks, dildo butt rape, fires, and so many twists and turns makes this one my favorite in the series. (Even better than the baby armor, IYKYK.) 5/5 Rat Buckets