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Alien Sex Fluids: Experiment 1 by REEKFEEL
Alien Sex Fluids: Experiment 1 by REEKFEEL

Alien Sex Fluids: Experiment 1 by REEKFEEL


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A day in the life of the most elusive of Eldritch gods - Nyarlathotep. See how he fucks and fucks with humans. But it doesn’t go all his way. Maybe you’ll like him in the end. [You won’t].

A group of students and staff at Miskatonic University do a series of very dangerous mind-altering experiments to explore ‘The Beyond’. And with the trickster god Nyarlathotep kicking around, you just know he wants to meddle and make mayhem. 

So in all this, human hatreds and loves and fault-lines are exposed between the group, with fights and fall-outs and a whole lot of silliness. This is Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror smacked into a Bizarro Universe of rude pokes and pulls and laughs. Coupled with the unique REEKFEEL take on new language and absurdist tricks, it’s a fart of a ride-along.

It’s full of Insanity, Absurdism, Horror, Violence, Sex, Profanity and Jokes.

The first in a series of seven Chapter Books serialising the Epic Novel - ALIEN SEX FLUIDS.

12,500 words.


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Nikolas P.
United States United States
I recommend this product
The Mind Reels In Horror

Packed with a sort of free association or stream of consciousness writing that more accurately resembles poetry than narrative prose, Reekfeel's Alien Sex Fluids plays fast and loose with both language and structure. One almost has simply to let the words--the sounds and visual elements implicit in those words--flow over and around them, dragging the reader along through the cacophony of it all. The free-flowing, anti-literature qualities are most pronounced in Alien Sex Fluids: Experiment 1, where we're introduced to Nyarlathotep of Lovecraftian fame, and reinterpreted by the author. This is not the being/creature/god as good ol' Howard Philips wrote it, but rather a mischievous and whimsically cruel thing prone to juvenile outbursts and toilet humor. We are also introduced to the beings/people ostensibly conducting the experiments--or are they the subjects of the experiments?--named after various elements of the periodic table. We'll get to know them in greater detail in further installments of the series. Reekfeel also takes this time to introduce us to the inhabitants of the garden, strange, child-like creatures without discernable form or function as we perceive it. There's no conceivable way I could describe the activities during that interlude, and you'll have to read it for yourself if you want to better understand what I mean.

Douglas M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Normality will never be restored

Love the cover. Reminded me of the Stone Roses first album. Having shared a conversation with Reekfeel a few times, this reads like I imagine Reekfeel thinks To say it is a book dwelling in a level of absurd madness would be understating. Is this how Nyarlathotep actually thinks? Probably, that would also explain how they have never taken over the world as yet. So Miskatonics the setting for this particular madness. A group of students start an insane experiment, and Nyarlathotep meddles. Beyond that, words fail me. Read it. It is definitely an experience.