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The Child by Angel van Atta
The Child by Angel van Atta
The Child by Angel van Atta

The Child by Angel van Atta

Angel van Atta


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“A mother’s love is a magical thing. It was all she had to keep her sane and she clung to it like a life preserver.”

Sarah wakes up one morning and doesn’t recognize her own daughter.  Emma has developed a voracious appetite along with a penchant for coming home covered in blood.  Her little girl isn’t her little girl anymore.

Mrs. McGregor is closely acquainted with evil.  She recognizes it immediately from her perch next door as neighborhood animals keep going missing.

Jess loves her sister, Sarah, and her niece, Emma, with her entire heart and soul. She knows something is different the moment she crosses the threshold into their home. The air is stifling, and the house is weeping with malcontent.

From the very marrow of this seemingly innocent house to the surrounding streets, good and evil are locked in an ancient battle of eternal opposition. 

This is the most important fight of Sarah’s life. At stake is her daughter’s soul. Can the illuminating light of love shine through the dark shroud of pervasive evil or will malevolence endure?