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Tristana by Willow Starling
Tristana by Willow Starling
Tristana by Willow Starling

Tristana by Willow Starling

Willow Starling


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Tristana - a mysterious young girl linked to tragedy, rage, and fear. Who is she? What is she? Why does her mere existence drive everyone around her to insanity?

After a violent incident that claimed the lives of one teacher and roughly forty police officers, Tristana was captured by the infamous Ann Arbor University, where they faked her death and locked her away in a warehouse for research.

Dr. Tyrell Burgess is a highly intuitive child psychologist who’s like a father-figure to all his patients in his hometown of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Aside from work keeping him from his birth children and a mother unaccepting of his transition, Tyrell’s life is fairly livable until one day, when a rep from Ann Arbor University unveils their top secret warehouse project to Dr. Burgess. The rep takes care to omit details, such as Tristana’s supernatural abilities. Despite picking up on this deceit, Tyrell bites at the chance to work with the girl.

How will Tristana take to her latest doctor? What effects does Tyrell’s new doctor-patient relationship have on his personal life? Can the university keep control of their hostage much longer?