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Abhorrent Siren by John Baltisberger
Abhorrent Siren by John Baltisberger


Abhorrent Siren by John Baltisberger

John Baltisberger


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Something is mutating the aquatic wildlife on the South Texas border, making the animals larger, hungrier, and more vicious.

Something is mutating the people of Texas, turning them into cannibalistic monsters driven by their ibestnstincts to feed, nest, and reproduce.

Something is approaching San Antonio, shaking the earth with every step, driving the mutating power forth and poisoning everything it comes across.

Something ... abhorrent.

An extreme horror novel from the author of War of Dictates and Blood & Mud.

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Christina E.
United States United States

Abhorrent Siren

Abhorrent Siren is a creature feature that starts firing on all cylinders very quickly. Baltisberger creates a quick set up and delves into multiple characters that share their experiences as these mutations are happening…even to themselves! Blood, guts and gore… it’s in there. Mutated humans mating…that’s in there too! The splatter and violence exhibited in this story is fantastic! It’s not over the top either. Baltisberger makes the carnage work within the story. Mutations are occurring at an alarming rate in South Texas that are not just affecting animals of all kinds, but humans too! There are some theories to the cause in mutations but no one is certain. Can the military and scientist get a handle on these creatures? This is an easy afternoon read! Get a copy and find out!

Matt H.
United States United States

Intensely Graphic Kaiju Madness!

Another quick and gruesome read by Mr. Baltisberger sees him continue in the vein of splattery gore with more under the surface. To avoid spoilers, I will forgo plot details and instead pay compliments to John's ability to write incredibly propulsive stories that start intensely and manage to maintain it throughout the story. Some very graphic violence serves the story quite well, and leads to a most brutal climax. Recommended!

Donna L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Read it, you won't be sorry

Wild, violent, disturbing and grusome. All the things I look for in a book. The descriptions of the creatures were beyond anything I could have imagined myself. This is not a book with a happy ending.

United Kingdom United Kingdom


This ticks my love of monsters box just right. The cover is great and the pace flows. I enjoyed reading this.

United States United States
I recommend this product


This is a pretty fantastic monster story. Tons of gory, bloody fun throughout. I don't think I would change a thing, great pacing and content. I think you guys should be reading this author, he's very talented.