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The God Provides by Thomas R. Clark
The God Provides by Thomas R. Clark

The God Provides by Thomas R. Clark

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The foothills of Upstate New York are alive with something terrifying. It hunts, it tempts, it traps, and there’s no escape. Thomas R Clark re-invents Irish Mythology and takes you on a bloody, emotional, and horrific journey back through time with the tale of the McEntire clan, and the devastating secrets they hold. The author of the Splatterpunk Awards nominated Bella’s Boys: A Tale of Cosmic Horror has crafted a story that’s part The Wicker Man and part Cycle of the Werewolf, but at the same time like nothing you’ve read before.






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    Pup Fiction

    I loved The God Provides! It felt like a combination of Pulp Fiction (with the interlocking timelines following characters in the same spaces achronally) and Mongrels (with the werewolves). The first story has some killer twists, the descriptions are on point, and the short chapters will make you want to keep going.

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    I recommend this product

    Literary Perfection

    The God Provides is a collection of interconnected stories by Thomas R Clark. This is a tale of ancient Celtic lore told in 4 parts in reverse chronological order, and that is as it should be. Technically, each story reads as a stand-alone, but the connection between them going back in time flows amazingly well and creates its own tension and intrigue. It’s compelling. It’s engrossing. It’s perfect. The first story, “Fireflies and Apple Pies,” is a fun and gruesome read. It is exquisitely written in perfect form with exceptional flow and enjoyable characters and character interactions. The dialogue is fantastic and combines with Clark’s stark narrative and unexpected plot twist to hold you captive from the first word to the last. With the second story, “Dogs Don’t Lie,” the book becomes darker, more gruesome. You still have excellent character dialogue and banter, but this is a darker tale and tells a different aspect of the story, another level of the lore and history. The third story has some incredibly disturbing content, and it takes us further back, revealing more of the lore and the surprising sanctity of truth and purity surrounding the terrifying practices of the small community. The fourth story is the origin story. This one is dark and evocative, dealing as much with the hearts and minds of humanity as the folklore that births the entire book. It has some truly dark content that tears at your mind and heart. The God Provides is literary perfection, with each story having fantastic formula and flow, tension and twists, climax and conclusion, and a storyline that is both entertaining and timelessly relevant. It’s one of the best books I have ever read.

    Todd L.

    What a story teller…

    Went in cold on this read. New author for me. This is a great short story. I read it by the campfire over the last 2 nights and loved it. Clark sets the stage with curiosity and then hits a home run with fear and brutality. Great retelling of an old classic and there is even a little bit of poetry to drive the story home. I’m not sure if Clark has more on godless, if he does I will be buying!