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Alien Sex Fluids: Experiment 3 by REEKFEEL
Alien Sex Fluids: Experiment 3 by REEKFEEL

Alien Sex Fluids: Experiment 3 by REEKFEEL


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Continuing the crazy insane experiments at Miskatonic University. The locus of Eldritch Horrors. 

We’ve met the Omega Circle (boy-student Rubidium, old Professor Xenon, mysterious granny Beryllium, Administrator Fluorine). But one of them (girl Selenium) is stuck in a terrible sleep paralysis. What can Porter-cum-Janitor Mr. Bismuth do to help? - Maybe en-acting an old film will do the trick.

And where is the villain of the piece - Nyarlathotep? Well, he’s off busy flashing his new shiny arsehole to some folks. It’s all stupid stuff, but you’ll love the insanity.

This is Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror smacked into a Bizarro Universe of rude pokes and pulls and laughs. Coupled with the unique REEKFEEL take on new language and absurdist tricks, it’s a fart of a ride-along. And only 50 cents. Give it a go.


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Douglas M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Iok Sotot

A strangely ominous turn of phrase, wonderous even has Reekfeel. The stench of madness surrounds it. Eating soul of sweet Selenium is the story. Watch the words unravel.

Nikolas P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Still Reeling...But Really Starting To Dig It!

In Alien Sex Fluids: Experiment 3, we get to witness Reekfeel inserting themself into the narrative in a rather tongue-in-cheek sense, providing a sort of halfhearted apology for how challenging it is to follow along with dialogue from Bismuth as an RPG of some kind is being played to assist Selenium(?). Of course, this only serves to upset Nyarlathotep, who is sharing this story with us through Reekfeel as a conduit. I'd like to say that Experiment 3 continues the more coherent aspects of the narrative as we'd experienced in Experiment 2, but I'd be lying to you, and I'm not a liar! The vast majority of this installment of the series takes place within and is focused around the role-playing taking place, and Reekfeel's attempt to clear up the mess of multiple dialogues only serves to make it all more of a mess. It's virtually impossible, as you might understand, to provide a proper review of Alien Sex Fluids, but it's worth taking the time to dive into the tumultuous, disorganized, yet strangely calculated and lunatic-by-design story you'll witness unfolding. This is, after all, something being conveyed to us, through Reekfeel, by the crawling chaos itself. If it weren't indicative of madness, it wouldn't be authentic. One thing I can say for sure, there's a certain brilliance and creative imagination impossible to ignore in the distorted, untethered, and insanity of Reekfeel's work.

Matt H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Canting Shadows Crawling Hither Towards Cthonian Heightdepths

The identities of Reefkeel are not important-what has importance be the acquisition of their tomes. Thy brain shall simmer, steam, boil over and leak out of tearduct apprehending the shattering revelations reveal'd within. //Drewlord enters, speaks words, leaves Wrangle forth meaning from this reverseview as you will-recommendation earned and wildworth will be your attention Transmission end?